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Where Is Henry Semenitari




Prior to becoming the Managing Director (MD) of Unity Bank Plc, Henry Semenitari’s life was blissful.
As MD of the financial institution, he shone like a million stars.
Asides his personal achievement in the bank, the fact that he was able to take away the nomenclature of a northern bank from Unity Bank Plc also made him a winner.
All these were before he became a victim of a puzzle that led to his exit as the boss of the financial institution.
Amidst the issues that led to Semenitari’s exit from Unity Bank Plc, there were speculations of misappropriation of funds and an alleged forced resignation.

Whatever led to the man’s exit from the bank has definitely sent him out of circulation, as nothing has been heard of him since he was replaced by Mrs. Oluwatomi Ayodele Somefun, as the new helmsman.
An official statement released by Unity Bank Plc is quoted as saying that Henry James Semenitari resigned on 11 August 2015.

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