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When Last Did You Thank Your Wife After Sex, Clergywoman Ask Married Men In Her Congregation



Clergywoman, Funke Felix-Adejumo has stated that men should thank their wife every time they have s*x.

She stated this while berating married men who do not thank their wives for marrying them, and also after having sex with them.

While preaching in a church recently, she tackled men who display traits of ingratitude.

In her words;

”Ingratitude is a killer and it is so disturbing that some people, not only do they show it to God but also to men. As a man, when last did you thank your wife for marrying you? When last did you thank your wife after having s*x with her? She gave you her body. Don’t tell me we enjoyed it together. When a woman gives her body to you, it is a lot. To a woman, s*x is more than ‘oh let’s just have pleasure’.”

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