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War Of Words: DJ Cuppy Slams Speed Darlington



DJ Cuppy

Billionaire DJ, DJ Cuppy, might still need some tough skin as far as the music industry is concerned.


In an interview, the DJ had been quoted saying that she has grown used to unpalatable comment because she had developed thick skin.


She however proved her skin was not thick enough, when she came for musician Speed Darlington who insulted her in a video saying that “he has decided that money is more important than “pu**y” “, so he asked DJ Cuppy to close her legs and give him money instead. He pronounced “Cuppy” as “Kupe”.

The Bang Dadadang singer said:

I have decided to keep my mind on the money over p***y. Money is absolutely incredibly powerful. I need that for my presidential bid.

So Kupe. DJ Kupe, I think. CLose your leg, give me money, let’s do the damn thing. I’m ready. I got fire to spit on your record. Let’s do the damn thing. Just make sure you load my pocket.

I hear your dad is dripping with cash. My Benzo needs some repair.

In reply, DJ Cuppy said:

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!? …My name is pronounced as DJ “Copy” not DJ “Kupe” ?? Taink you.

DJ Cuppy hits back at Speed Darlington after he told her to close her legs and give him money (video)

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