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Wande Coal’s Child Abduction Allegation: 15 Lies Wande Coal’s Baby Mama Temitope Told Us



Wande Coal

Days back, Wande Coal, was alleged of child abduction by his Baby Mama, Temitope. According to her, a child she had with the singer as a teenager was collected from her by the singer and his mother and since then she had not seen him. The singer, however released a statement saying that all that had been said by his baby mama were lies, as the only thing that was true was the fact that he was the father of the child. gives you 15 lies Temitope told about the child abduction saga.

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  • She didn’t tell us that Wande Coal wasn’t aware that she was pregnant with his son.
  • Temitope also filed to inform us that she married another man and claimed that the child was his
  • She garnered sympathy for herself and failed to tell us that Wande Coal only knew about the child when her husband and other people, including her aunty, found out the child looked like Wande.
  • She also didn’t reveal that she was returned to her family with the child.
  • She didn’t reveal that a paternity test was done in 2010 and not 2008.
  • She also lied that she didn’t know Mohits Crew moved to the Maryland house.
  • Temitope also lied that Wande Coal left the neighbourhood, as everyone knew they moved to Maryland.
  • Temitope lied that the child was abducted, as everyone agreed that the child needed a cleaner and better environment.
  • Wande Coal’s baby mama didn’t reveal that she left and did not return to check on the child, not even on his birthdays.
  • In 2011, Wande Coal’s mother reached out to her and told her that she was disappointed in her. Temitope promised to come visit the child, but she didn’t tell us she never did.
  • Temitope didn’t tell us that she left her “fashion school” paid for by Wande Coal’s mum to support herself.
  • She claimed that she was refused entry to the house, this is also a lie.
  • She also lied about Wande’s parents changing their phone numbers and moving from the house she knew.
  • Temitope also lied about Wande Coal’s son’s name, as “Joseph” was the name she and her husband named him.
  • The woman in the picture is not Wande’s mother, as the singer said he doesn’t know whom she is.


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