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Violence In Marriage: Pere’s Handler Release Statement 




BBNaija: Pere

Big Brother Naija housemate, Pere Egbi, has been trailed by a tale of a very violent past, especially in his initial marriage.

According to claims on Twitter days back, Pere beat his ex-wife till she had a miscarriage.

Reacting to the position, his handle released a statement denying social media claims that he was violent to his ex-wife while they were married.

In a statement released on his Instagram page, Pere’s handlers said the reality TV star has never been violent all his life.

The statement reads;

“Over the past week, a number of media outlets published materials containing false allegations that aim to damage the reputation of Pere.

In those publications, he was falsely accused of being abusive in his personal life. They attached a false image of an individual just to make their case look legit. The said materials make baseless speculations as to who Pere is as an individual.

Pere has never been violent all his life and the image being portrayed was a picture with his friend, a colleague who’s happily married. These types of false information do not affect Pere alone but the innocent friend who’s just showing support to him.”



The statement adds that legal action will be taken against the media outlets that published the false report about Pere.

“We’re currently taking legal steps to each media platform that are involved in this defamation of character. A defamation matter is defined in section 373 of the criminal code as a matter likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person in his profession or trade by injury to his reputation,” the statement read

 BBNaija: Pere

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