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US Transport Agency Releases Photos Of Wigwe’s Chopper Crash Site



A US transport agency, the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released photos from the site of the tragic chopper crash that killed the former Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings Plc, Herbert Wigwe, and five others.

Recall that the Airbus EC130 helicopter crashed close to the California-Nevada border near Halloran Springs, killing Wigwe, his wife Doreen, their son Chizi and former Nigerian Exchange Group Chairman Abimbola Ogunbanjo.

In the photos released on Tuesday, February 13, two officials of the United States NTSB were seen inspecting the debris of the ill-fated helicopter.US releases photos of helicopter crash site where Ogunbanjo, Wigwe, his wife, and son were killed

Recall that Michael Graham, a board member with the NTSB, provided an update on Sunday, Feb. 11, when he said they had visited the site and outlined the activities conducted on the first full day of investigation at the accident site.

These included aerial drone mapping, site documentation, and a detailed examination of the debris field by the airworthiness group. The debris field, approximately 100 yards in length, contained all major components of the helicopter, including rotor blades, transmission, engine, tail rotor, landing gear skids, and various avionics components.

The four passengers and two crew members on board the ill-fated helicopter died on Friday, February 9.


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