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US Election 2020: Joe Biden Gets Major Endorsement




The Economist, a popular United Kingdom-based newspaper has endorsed Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

The weekly newspaper handpicked Biden as the best candidate to win the forthcoming American presidential election.

The Economist revealed its position on Thursday, October 29,  barely six days to the election slated for Tuesday, November 3.

In a post titled: “Why It Has To Be Biden”, the media house noted that the current American President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, has done a poor job of ruling the world’s strongest country since his election in 2016.

The newspaper further accused Trump presidency of reducing America’s standards to a very low level. The Economist says Trump’s administration has dropped America from its glorious spot where it served as an example to other countries of the world.

“Donald Trump has desecrated the values that make America a beacon to the world.”

Although the newspaper noted that voting Biden would not end America’s sorrows right away, it expressed confidence that a presidency under the Democrat would start the healing process.

“Joe Biden is not a miracle cure for what ails America. But he is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the White House.

“He is equipped to begin the long, difficult task of putting a fractured country back together again. That is why, if we had a vote, it would go to Joe. The Economist believes a Biden presidency would return the United States to its glory days, the Economist submitted.

This is the second time The Economist newspaper is going against Trump at the polls.

In 2016, the newspaper endorsed Democratic candidate and former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, for the White House top job.

However, Trump defeated Clinton at the polls on November 8, 2016 to win his first term.

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