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Unilag Suspends Sex For Mark Lecturer***As University Of Ghana Lecturer Threatens To Seek Legal Redress



The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has suspended its lecturer Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu.

Dr. Igbeneghu was a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, and the sub-dean.

His suspension follows his indictment in  the year-long investigation by Africa Eye, a programme on BBC.

In a 13 minute video which went viral on Monday, October 7, the lecturer was alleged of trying to groom an undercover reporter who pretended to be a 17 year-old girl seeking admission.

In the video released, Dr. Igbeneghu was heard boasting that though in his 50s, all he need to get a 17 year-old girl was to throw money at her and to sweet talk her.

He was also heard telling the 17 year-old admission seeker to switch off the light so he could kiss her.

“Switch off that light, I’ll kiss you for a minute,” he said.

Dr. Igbeneghu also questioned the undercover journalist about her age and sexual life.

“Everything that we discussed here, be assured that your mother will not hear and anything that happens between me and you, nobody will hear about it,” Boniface told the young undercover journalist.


The documentary team stated that scores of students had alleged that Boniface harassed them, hence they decided to investigate him.

He said: “I have been counseled to be silent on a matter of entrapment masterminded by a certain unscrupulous people, with the aid of BBC (African Eye) against me. I have a lot to say about this matter. But I am suing the BBC for defamation tomorrow, so I will keep some of the facts to myself for now.

“Let me state however, that I have not involved myself in the BBC’s so-called sex for grades and will never do so. Their own video documentary evidence could not establish this. I am aware of my University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and I have always adhered to its dogmas.

“The lady involved in my informal conversation was not my student and she wasn’t also a student from the University of Ghana where I teach. I, therefore, cannot decipher how I could manipulate the grade of a non-student.

“The BBC ignored all her contributions to our conversation. They ignored all her messages she sent to me. They ignored my objections and letters written to refute their allegations. They also edited the video to suit their purpose.

“While I prepare to sue the BBC for carrying out the most bogus and unprofessional piece of documentary in the world so far, I wish to remind them that Ghana and for that matter, Africa, has long thrown out the yoke of colonialism.

Gyampo added: “I have not engaged in any so-called sex for grades and I will stay true to my calling in doing my best for God, students and country.

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