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Transparency, Accountability Bedrock Of Our Successes-Stephen Akintayo, CEO GText Homes Limited



***We Have Built A Reputation Of Being Truthful

One of the biggest talking points in corporate business circles has been the survival of Small and Medium scale enterprise post COVID-19.

While several organisations are struggling with this reality, some firms including leading real estate outfit, GText Homes Limited have hit the ground running, breaking new grounds, recording landmark achievements and building extensively on them.

With an empowerment platform created by GText Homes Limited to create hundred thousand jobs, individuals can now sell lands for the company and make money to either sustain their failing businesses or start up that dream business.

“We have announced our 100 thousand job creation portal, where we are giving out 15% of our income on every property to realtors and with the new process automated, we are hoping that we can create at least 100 thousand jobs using this model in the next 12 months.”

Today, GText Homes Limited with credit to the insights of a uniquely trained and very intelligent management team led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Stephen Akintayo holds the ace of credibility and integrity in the real estate industry.

Asides the above, GText Homes Limited holds the credit for being the first fully virtual real estate company in Nigeria, they also boast of a 24/7 CRM sales team. This is asides taking pride in the launch of “The Investment” chat in a Beetle (A.K.A The Beetle Show) and having the first of its kind realtor’s lounge.

Mr. Akintayo, recently explained the post COVID-19 solutions of GText Homes Limited at GTEXT LOUNGE, 455A Titilayo Adedoyin Street, Omole Phase 1, Ojodu, Lagos, detailing how the company has been able to survive the global pandemic, while still blazing trails as the first virtual real estate company.

“We have been working virtually for about a year and its worked fantastically well. 90 per cent of our clients are based in the diaspora, meaning that they are unable to come and personally see the properties.

“It been working because of our transparency. Anything we do, we involve the media, we ensure that we are transparent and we become accountable in that process.

“Its just being truthful. Which do you prefer, I tell you to bring 50,000 and you get a land and 10 years later the place is bush, there is nothing there or I tell you that your 50,000 cant do it and you probably have to do 250, 000 to get what you desire?

“We are in a country where truth is scarce. For us, we have built reputation of being truthful to ourselves and people around us.”

Further, Mr. Akintayo said: “From 24/7 CRM; now you can call our company any day, anytime, 2: AM, 3: AM and there will be people to attend to you and to make 100 per cent virtual purchase in real estate, now you can buy property from our company online. From inspection to allocation, everything is done virtual. We send documents to people via courier service. We have created a situation that it’s the customer and us; they don’t need to come to Nigeria before they can actually own a property.

“If anyone doesn’t want to go virtual, the option of meeting one-on-one is still available. Customers can inspection virtually. We are beginning to see a trend where people don’t want a third party and that’s why we launched it and that’s just what makes us quite unique.”

Buttressing the credibility of GText Homes Limited, Fuji musician Abass Akande Obesere, one of the many brand ambassadors of the real estate company said: “GText Homes Limited appreciates me and that is why they made me a brand ambassador. I believe in them as well. Prior to my signing with them, I did my findings and realised that they are a very dependable, and reliable company.

“Whatever promise they make, they keep to it, and that is why I have been associating myself with them. Since joining them, I have never received a phone call from anyone saying that GText Homes Limited is bad or they defrauded him, there is nothing like that,” the paramount King of Fuji said.

On his part, Santosh Keswani, Operations Manager GText Homes urged Nigerians to invest in properties. “Please invest, buy lands and build homes for the future. It is a way to secure the future.”

Leveraging on its post COVID-19 solutions, GText Homes Limited will score another first with the launch of its Jasper Estate Housing Scheme, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos on Saturday, September 5th.

Launched two months ago, it has witnessed tremendous growth in development with houses springing up rapidly.


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