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Tonye Cole Emergence: It is my responsibility to live up to the rules of the game – Princewill



A frontline Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Rivers State Prince Tonye Princewill has thrown his weight behind the emergence of Architect and businessman, Tonye Cole as the consensus candidate of the party, but without mix feeling as according to him, “I was looking forward to leading the APC into battle with PDP in 2023, so to say I’m happy today, would not be an accurate reflection of how I feel. The decision is still fresh and feelings are still raw. Many are still in shock. Some are still sad. However I subscribed to a team and I signed up to a political process, so that makes it my responsibility to live up to the rules of the game. That makes it my responsibility to support Tonye Cole. And so I will.”

Continuing he said, “The decision has now been made for him to fly the flag. It was not made by the Minister. It was made by leaders of the party. The 10 aspirants plus two (2) new names that had also indicated interest were politely asked to excuse themselves, while all the 13 leaders present, minus the Minister, then sat and deliberated. We were called back along with the Minister a few hours later, to be given their decision. While we didn’t go into the details of the parameters for their decision, we respect their judgement and wisdom in arriving at it. Politics is a process, it can be brutal, but it is what it is, while we are what we are.”

“To all those who supported me, I want you to think of what I represent and why; that means that we need change here in Rivers state. We began this consultation because we wanted to hear your voices, that listening ear will never ever change” Princewill said

“It remains to be seen what God has in store for us. The leader graciously asked me to join him in Abuja, so my attention will shift there, but my heart remains here in Rivers state. In the coming days, I will introduce my team to Tonye Cole personally and show him how important you are to me. He and I share a lot in common and he too is committed to lifting people up. Let’s help him to help us,” he appealed.

“Let God’s will take preeminence in our lives and may His light continue to shine on His people’’ Princewill prayed.

In his address to Rivers APC following his emergence as the consensus candidate, Architect Tonye Cole thanked the Committee for an unbiased assessment that ended up putting him forward as the consensus candidate.

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