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There’s No Greater Pleasure Than Being In The Warmth Of A Woman – Brymo







Brymo was once popular as an artiste on Chocolate City Music. Today, he has evolved to something else. In this interview with, he talks about his annual concert ‘Organised Chaos,’ his last album ‘Klitoris’, and his woman.


You are currently rehearsing for another edition of your annual concert, what should your fans expect?

‘Organised Chaos’ started last year. This year will be the second edition and we are looking at gathering more and more Brymo fans in one place to have that musical experience. The rehearsal has been on for a week already, but we are going to rehearse for two months.


Rehearsing for months prior to an event is not common with Nigerian artistes, why are you an exception?

There is no magic to success, if you don’t prepare you will fail. I have been on leave since December. I took a two-month leave and started rehearsing in March. If I don’t rehearse and I jump into a concert it will show, there would be lapses. People will notice I have not been singing for a while. So, preparation becomes very necessary and preparation is the bedrock of success. There is no great musician anywhere in the world who does not take time out to rehearse.


What motivated the concert?

“Organised Chaos” for me became necessary because it was the only avenue to perform the kind of songs I get to make. The bulk of the time people call you to come and perform at a gig they still prefer ‘One Pound’ or ‘Prick No Get Shoulder’ or ‘Femi,’ but there are other song and materials on my catalogue that I would love to perform more often. So, it became necessary to put in place something like this. This is what ‘Organised Chaos’ is all about. And more importantly, it was my opportunity to take part actively in the goings-on in my country. People can gather and talk about things together. This year, my theme is feminism. At the gig this year, there will be a lot of pauses as we talk about the roles of women in our society, what I think feminism means and how I think society can make a headway trying to balance gender equality.


What does feminism mean to you?

I think it’s the right to choose. This was made known to me by a friend on social media Twitter. Her name is Stephanie. I think that is the basic and honest definition of the term. We are trying to make sure that the male and female children have equal opportunity. We cannot do that when they are adults. We have to start now when they are young so that by the time they become old everybody is ready, everybody is educated and everyone is skilled and equipped enough. Of course, we cannot cheat nature because we cannot deny the fact that men don’t get pregnant and they don’t menstruate, but I believe that there are a lot of things that can be done to firm equity.


Let’s talk about your last album Klitoris, it had a funny title, why the choice?

It is just a word.


Those who know you have credited your poetic side, did that influence the title of the album?

I cannot separate the poetry from the literary meaning. They actually go hand-in-hand. The spelling we used on the album cover was Klitori with a ‘K’ which is actually the spelling used in Latin where the word originates from. I think Klitoris means key in latin. The album was supposed to be titled Key, but when I stumbled on that extra meaning of course they believing that the Klitoris is the key to a woman’s sensuality instead of just naming it key, it gave me an opportunity to give my album a double meaning because the album was inspired by a woman and it was dedicated to women in the world. Klitoris sort of balanced everything for me. The album was for me the key to a lot of things that I had been dealing with for a while. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the word sex. In third world countries like Nigeria they don’t even talk about a lot of things especially when it concerns sex. In fact, a lot of parents can’t even be romantic in front of their children, so they make excuses like let’s not spoil them. These things need to be demystified, hence I decided to name the album Klitoris knowing that people may not like it, but it is just a word.


Funny enough there was no vulgar word in the album.

No. The essence of the album was to stir controversy to the good work in the album.


You said that the album was inspired by a woman; can you be specific about the person?

My woman. It was the spirit of our relationship. After four years of being together I was forced to sit down and take a look at everything and it became necessary to take it a step further. From being boyfriend and girlfriend to becoming husband and wife. So, the album for me comprises of songs that were part of my thought processes, thoughts of love, about its longevity, can you love someone forever? I believe everyone goes through that phase just before getting married. For me, I had to put that in my music and make music with it. The album was inspired by all of that put together and more importantly the fact that you cannot separate a woman from the women folk.


“If I die I am going straight to hell” was another controversial statement made by you on Twitter, what was the idea?

The grave is a hell where everybody must go to. Whoever you are after you die you must experience that darkness whether they bury or cremate you. That was the hell I was referring to.


What is your present relationship with Audu Maikori?

We have not spoken in years.


You mean since you parted ways with his label?



Is the case still in court?

The last time I checked in court they told me to go home and forget about the case.


How do you relax?

I listen to a lot of music. I eat good food at least once in a day and I like to spend some times in the warmth of a woman. I don’t think there is any pleasure better than that.

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