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By Dr. Ope Banwo

I am sure we all had a nice laugh with the viral meme of Trump allegedly crying when corporate america moved against him.

In one Night of the Long Knives Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Apple, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, and virtually all major social media moved against Trump and banned him everywhere

Not only that, Big Tech also moved against Parler, a rising Twitter-rival that was the beehive of conservatives, in a preemptive effort to silence conservative thoughts and prevent Trump from joining Parler and raising his voice again . All these tech companies also banded together to ban Parler on all sides .

They delisted Parler on Google, banned the app on Apple playstores and deleted the app servers on AmazonAWS.

All in ONE NIGHT with no judicial intervention.

I watched and listened to the interview of CEO of Parler, a company that was already alleGedly valued in 100s of millions of dollars, sadly explain how his blooming company was CANCELLED and ZEROED out in less than 24 hours of Big Tech beat down and I got seriously afraid for the future .

In less than 24 hours, Parler, a company with more than 20million customers went dark. No long thing. No court case. No discussion. No drama. All the big tech companies just decided to pull its plug, just becos they don’t like its customers and that was it.

Parler went dark and I am afraid a lot of things went dark with it, most especially the freedom of speech and freedom of association that we all cherish so much in america and beyond.

Now Trump cannot do any business, he cannot communicate with his supporters, he cannot eat and he cannot get paid by his supporters.

His fellow travelers in conservatism are also being defanged and deplatformed right, left and center often with no advance notice of any rule violations or court intervention.

It is indeed the season a “social genocide” for contrarian thoughts and for free speech that liberals consider offensive and dangerous

Yet, the Mark of The Beast is not even here yet or is Social Media the Mark of the Beast now?

Seriously, while I understand the anger of most of the world against Trump for indirectly instigating the assault on the Capitol (and I have condemned him for that failure of leadership severally too), I consider this is sad and a very unhealthy development.

In our righteous and justified anger at trump’s presumed failings we have decided to let the Deep State do whatever it wanted. We have unwittingly surrendered our independence of thought to Big Tech simply becos at this time more of us agree with what big tech is doing to the much vilified Donald Trump

In my honest opinion, That’s the kind of short term thinking that is very common with a mob mindset and most majority opinions in a time of stresss, and it’s scary.

In principle, what ALL the social media power houses did this week should be a major cause for concern for all of us beyond the victim of this present action.

When you are happy that the powers that be came for your most hateful neighbor and hanged him without any trial, you become complicit in compromising the fundamental rights of another person, and sooner or later, it will be your turn

The social media power houses have tasted blood, and sooner or later, they will be looking for more blood after they have silenced all conservatives

Trump may have deserved condemnation of the world for his irresponsibility and the dangerous tampering with Democratic institutions but I am afraid this COLLUSION AND CONCERTED ACTION BY BIG TECH SOCIAL MEDIA is setting a dangerous precedent, and we conservatives need to take cover as blood of contrarians begins to flow on the street.

The world just signaled to big tech that they can control our lives, and decide what we can say, simply becos they control these public platforms and do not like us or our way of thinking.

Soon it will be the CHURCH that will be the next target as the owners of social media turn their attention on those who dare to say God rules in the affairs of men. This has been the natural progression in history and it is coming . You can say I am full of hot air but just wait. I give it 2 years.

Facebook for instance has been systematically banning RELIGIOUS ADVERTS AND ACTIVITIES in their Advert department for months (most didn’t even realize it yet but right now no church can advertise for employees in their church, and include a requirement that prospective candidates must have knowledge of bible or have a belief in christ as Lord, as a qualification requirement. Facebook OR Instagram will NOT approve that advert and if you try to do get adverts like that approved too many times, they will ban your account. PERMANENTLY.

This is not fake news. ITS 100% fact . I KNOW this 100% as a fact after having been a victim personally, and got adverts for church employees denied on those grounds, and also having witnessed lots of my church clients experience same thing.

So Facebook and other big tech are already saying they don’t want us to talk about God on their platforms but nobody is shouting yet (they say it’s discrimination for a church to advertise for employees and insist that applicants must believe in God or have faith in Jesus Christ or accept the Bible as truth ).

Again, this is not even about church or Religion per se, but as an EXAMPLE of how big tech is already controlling what we can do.

Now they have stepped up and said if your political views are unacceptable to them, then they will shut you and your supporters down EVERYWHERE without getting a 3rd part Judge to rule on the matter.

This should worry any long term thinker regardless of your ideological leaning.

To be clear, I don’t have a problem with someone’s account being banned or deplatformed if he or she is causing violence or disruption of lives but there should be THIRD PARTY involvement(ie Court System) in the process so that big tech do not become our Lords and Masters.

I know these platforms are mostly privately owned (thoguh evne that is not even really true. FB is a publicly traded company), the fact that you own a property that is open to the public does not give you exclusive rights to do what you want!

Yet, most of the people on the ideological left clapped, and Trump haters jumped up and clapped and high-fived each other, instead of being wary at so much power being exercised over our lives without judicial intervention .

But all I can say is What goes around comes around . By God’s grace we will all still be alive when the Lion that ate your neighbor comes for you and your children too. Historically that’s always the progression of things.

In the Trump hysteria, most of us have decided to close our eyes to a larger issue of the overriding power of social media owners to BAND TOGETHER and decide how we think, how we talk, who we talk to and if we can do business at all . There is a reason we have anti-trust laws in the country .

My projection is those who defend this COLLUSION OF ACTION by Big Tech against an individual and his supporters will one day come to regret being part of the mob that empowered them. Once the genie is out of the box, it’s hard to put it back. So let the games begin

Even I could be banned at anytime so I need it start getting my affairs in other as to what I would do if it happened since a big chunk of my Business is online

Now thinking of all this, I am seriously thinking maybe it’s time to ZAG again and start building physical structures for my businesses, as the internet can now shut down your very livelihood overnight if you offend the deep state. It is no longer safe to take access to your customers online for granted if you are someone with a mind of your own like I am. You can offend Facebook and they can make sure you are banned everywhere else online, even if you didn’t offend on those platforms? Scary but that’s what just happened to Trump. Even Parler that didn’t do anything was banned as a possible Trump haven. Chai!

Scary but as always the strong will find a way, while the weak will be crushed. For those of you ‘follow-follow’ people who are just following the crowd like lemmings to enjoy the public burning spectacle, remember that when the music stops, YOU will be the ones with NO chair to sit on, becos the big boys on the left and right already got their parachutes and chairs sorted in advance.

Throughout history people often let a deserving isolated situation blank their eyes to the future danger of a rising dangerous phenomenon.

Today, We are all clapping for the emasculation of Trump as Big Tech took away all his rights OVERNIGHT, in what is obviously an Anti-Trust Collusion, without judicial process.

One day they will come for you and then it would be too late. Mark it down

Dr Ope Banwo

P/S IF I got deplatformed for speaking my mind, just like many of my friends are already experiencing, it has been nice knowing you all. Be rest assured I would be okay by His grace!

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