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The Shine Of Chioma Nweke



One woman who is fast stealing the hearts of many with her job is Chioma Nweke, General Manager, Philips Personal Health, West Africa.


Sometimes back, Nweke thrilled a lot of people with her presentation at an event.
At that event, many were quick to conclude that her brilliance might have simply been a fluke.
However, Nweke confirms her brilliance again last week when Philips International under its Personal Healthcare Business Unit, introduced its clipper into the Nigerian market.
In an event attended by big names in entertainment, such as Gbenga Adeyinka, Femi Adeyinka and several others, Nweke took time out to breakdown details of the clipper to guests in attendance, showcasing the quality of the product.
According to her, “the clipper guarantees no after-shave bumps and rashes, have specially developed blades to reduce the risk of cuts when clipping your hair or beard, and it also offers the confidence of a precise cut and shave without the humiliating damaged skin.”
As if that was not enough, the amiable woman calmly addressed doubters of the brand emphasising the fact that the new brand was researched on for over two years before its release. No doubt, Nweke’s shine continues




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