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The Other Side Of Allen Oyenma




No matter how shrewd a businessman is, he will still shoulder at the sight of real suffering.

This is a fact which Allen Oyenma, the Chairman of Air Peace is aware of.

Known for his shrewd ways of doing business, Onyema falls among the category of men who run their business with only the profit line in mind.

Admired by some, he is also hated by people who feel a true and successful businessman should be a patriot.

His road to being a patriot, however, stated when he promised to fly Nigerians free from South Africa.

However, his confirmation as a patriot was when he burst into tears while addressing the passengers aboard his Air Peace plane which landed in Lagos State on Wednesday, September 11.

Singing his praise, and tagging him a jolly good fellow, there was no mistaking the fact that Onyema’s name had been imprinted in the history books.

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