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In an unnecessary move to remain relevant we have come to realize that US BASSED BLOGGER Funke Ashekun who LOST shamefully IN COURT LAST WEEK had a team of disgruntled and disgracefully expelled set of people whom she worked with and works with.

These are people who called themselves pastors and servants of God but had no idea what that title really meant , they were chronic liars , unruly people , thieves, and women molesters, some of the intolerable reasons they were fired and thrown out of the Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM)

One of such persons is Late David Komolafe. A born chronic liar, A man who misappropriated church funds , assaulted women , and lots more, of-course what kind of relationship would you expect to exist between enemies of progress other than tomfoolery,

In a leaked audio tape between the trio the shameless late Komolafe was heard telling disgraced FUNKE ASHEKUN and her husband stories of how he helped DK Olukoya acquire a property which was later hijacked unlawfully by the man of God. The story is a very funny one because according to our findings we came to know that back in the days it was DK Olukoya that helped Komolafe rent his first apartment at Montgomery road, Yaba the same way he assisted Funke Ashekun to get her first apartment at Fola Agoro with his civil servant salary.

In same breath Komolafe mentioned that he acquired a blue passport and when DK Olukoya saw it, he became angry and quickly canceled his reserved hotel when they traveled abroad for a ministration. It’s so unfortunate that someone who was practically helped and being fed by DK Olukoya could come up with such lies.

We were told that komolafe came to MFM with his family reeking of poverty and only survived on the resources of DK Olukoya till he was caught in the web of different atrocities.

In this voice note Komolafe stated that he was fired, but we gathered that Komolafe was NEVER fired. Multiple witnesses are still alive to testify to this . He was rather requested to go on a short retreat for some investigation to be done on some allegations on him, but he decided to split the church and break away to start his own church practically taking everything mfm with him.

In this leaked contradictory voice note, One of the most surprising of his lies in their conversation with almost-going-to-jail Funke Ashekun was that DK Olukoya placed curses on one of the altars he came to dedicate after it was acquired, he claimed that they were alone when DK Olukoya carried out the act.

It’s either Komolafe was drunk or not in his right senses to have mentioned this statement. We believe it is pure fabricated lies.

In same voice note late Komolafe said during a crusade at the church where the altar was allegedly cursed, an MFM pastor stood on it and his voice ceased as he was about to call prayer points, and went on to say that he (komolafe) took the mic charged up the atmosphere to the extent that the wife of the general overseer started manifesting in the crusade, as a matter of fact ,fell down twice, so much that she was assisted out of the auditorium, all these we can perceive to be lies from the pit of hell, for if this was true, it will be out there on the internet in a split second, and we would like anyone with such footage to come up with it for investigative purposes.

Contrary to his assertions, we gathered that Pastor Shadé Olukoya was at both August and October crusades in 2002.

As we listened further to the leaked voice note we can hear komolafe talk about shade Olukoya placing a curse on him as they chat and laugh away, but of course we can tell that komo-lie-fe was in a frenzy of evening liar-thorn and all he said was far from the truth

I remember vividly sometime last year in one of her fake and unscriptural broadcast , June 28 2003 to be precise, Funke Ashekun used the content of this leaked voice note to create content for her broadcast meanwhile constantly retorted in court that her broadcast were not about the Mountain of fire and the general overseer Dr Dk Olukoya, lies that lives with lies will always end up face down.

It is understandable to have misunderstanding with people or organizations, but to go all out of the righteous way to paint a terrible picture soaked in fabricated lies about people or an establishment is totally unacceptable. Sadly, Komolafe is dead, Who knows if this woman pushed the poor man to death by their unholy and ungodly alliance against the ministry and the man of GOD more over , Funke herself is in trouble of looking for $50,000 to pay MFM for defamation.

From some of our past articles, we gathered and wrote about the good will shade Olukoya showed toward the family of the ASHEKUNS which they seem to have thrown out of the window

We have more voice note and ongoing investigations to reveal more of the truth and nothing but the truth

FEMI OYEWALE The truth is out there, find it, and make it come to light


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