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Tech Giant, Twitter Unveils New Logo



It’s official, Twitter has rebranded.

Elon Musk and Twitter Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Linda Yaccarino have ditched Twitter’s iconic blue bird after nearly 17 years.

The company has now unveiled the new ‘x’ logo.

“X is here! Let’s do this,” Yaccarino tweeted Monday morning, July 24, with a picture of the company’s new logo.

The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted out a picture of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco with the company’s new “X” logo cast by light on the building.

As of press time, Yaccarino’s and Musk’s Twitter handles now both feature the “X“ logo although the blue bird is still present across the social platform.

On Sunday night, Musk changed his profile picture to the company’s “interim X logo” a white X on a black background — after prompting his 149 million followers to share with him a “good enough X logo” earlier that morning.

“It should have been done a long time ago,” Musk said during a Twitter audio live stream early Sunday when asked why he was considering the shake-up. “Sorry, it took so long.”

The Tesla CEO went with a logo shared by Sawyer Merritt, with the creator saying that the design was inspired by a similar logo made by Alex Tourville for the “now discontinued” X Pod.

Elon Musk rebrands Twitter?s icon blue bird logo to

“I created the video above using the font logo, adding a glow and little lines in the logo to make it look ‘imperfect’,” Merritt replied under the video of Twitter’s new logo tweeted by Musk on Sunday.

Elon Musk rebrands Twitter?s icon blue bird logo to

Musk who paid a staggering $44 billion to acquire Twitter — also changed the name of the business to X Corporation back in March as the billionaire continues transforming the social media platform after taking control in October 2022.

Elon Musk rebrands Twitter?s icon blue bird logo to
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