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Take Care Of Your Stretch Mark Boobs Before Seeking Davido, Fan Told




Fans of Davido have told the lady who tattooed his name between her breasts to take care of her stretch marks before seeking out the singer.

The lady simply identified as ‘Simply Tacha’ had taken to social media Instagram to show how she tattooed his name in-between her breasts.

Simply Tacha had written ‘I day dream about you every single time, this TATTOO I got is to show you how OBSESSED and EXTRA I am about you, my ultimate wish in LIFE would be to one day MEET you in person, I don’t know, but sincerely I wish for that’.

Rather than be appreciated for her boldness, the female fan was hit by hordes of criticisms from the singer’s fans who among other things told her to care for her stretch mark ridden breast, as it was bad market.

Olugbemiga Abiodun


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