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Spray: A New Digital App Aims to Revolutionize Nigerian Parties



Fueled by the growing cashless policy in Nigeria and a desire to add a new twist to the country’s vibrant social scene, a new app called Spray is hoping to change the way people celebrate.

The brainchild of a Nigerian entrepreneur, Akintayo Ero-Philips, is the world’s first digital money-spraying app.

Inspired by the well-known Nigerian tradition of spraying money at parties, the app allows users to digitally send and receive funds while adding a layer of fun and social interaction.

“I thought I could digitize the transactional aspects of the Nigerian party life,” says the founder, Akintayo Ero-Philip.

But Spray is more than just a virtual wallet. The app’s name reflects its core function – to “Spray” money – a term Nigerians commonly use to describe the act of showering someone with cash during celebrations.

Security and exclusivity were top priorities for the developer. With such a unique concept, safeguarding intellectual property was crucial.

The company swiftly secured patents and partnered with reputable fintech companies to ensure secured transactions and financial integrity.

The app’s social features are what truly set it apart. Unlike traditional banking apps, Spray allows users to digitally recreate the celebratory act of spraying money. With a simple swipe, users can send virtual sprays to friends, while recipients get credited instantly within the app.

Looking ahead, Spray has ambitious goals. The company plans to expand its user base to 100 million within three years, positioning itself as an essential app alongside social media giants like Instagram and TikTok.

International expansion is also on the horizon, with plans to implement multi-currency support to cater to a global audience. Spray‘s emergence comes at an interesting time, as Nigerian authorities have recently cracked down on the physical spraying of Naira due to concerns about abuse and mutilation of the currency. Spray offers a solution, allowing Nigerians to continue their cherished tradition in a digital and responsible way.

The app’s future success hinges on its ability to stay ahead of the curve. The developer acknowledges the potential for copycats but remains confident. “We intend to not rest on our oars,” he says, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement to the app’s social and technical functionalities.

Spray promises to bring a new wave of fun and social interaction to the Nigerian financial landscape. Whether it can become a global phenomenon as its creators envision remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Spray is poised to shake things up in the world of Nigerian celebrations.

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