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Show Us Your Sponsor, Fans Tell Chika Ike



Actress, Chika Ike is not new to extravagant lifestyles. In the past, the actress has been asked about the source of funds for her taste.

At a point, it was rumoured that she struts the corridors of power brokers, hence she has a lot of resources to pay for her lifestyle. The name of former Senate President, David Mark was also linked to Ike at a point.

Many have even alleged that it was her corridor strutting that frustrated her husband who allegedly turned her into a punching bag before sending her away.

All these are not new and perhaps this is why many are now asking her to explain the source of the income with which she is currently holidaying in New York, especially at this time of the year.

Typical of Ike, the actress has been quick to release picture of her fun time in Waldorf Astorial, one of the most luxurious hotel in the city.

As an actress, very few elitist thespian can afford such lifestyle or even a night in Astoria Waldorf, leaving the persistent question of who is bankrolling Ike’s holiday in New York.

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