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Shocker: Revealed Why Kiddwaya Might Dump Erica



There are indications that Big Brother Naija housemate, Kiddwaya may dump his love interest, Erica.
Kiddwaya and Erica have been an item in the house.
In recent times, Erica has become too possessive as far as Kiddwaya is concerned.
Her position that Kiddwaya should stand by her at all time even when she is wrong has seen the son of billionaire Terry Waya frowning at her position.
 Kiddwaya was heard telling Ozo that he doesn’t fancy the reaction he gets from Erica anytime she spots him talking to another woman.
“I don’t know why Erica is always getting angry anytime she is around me,” Kiddwaya said referring to Nengi.
Kiddwaya also expressed his disappointment with Erica when she  insulted Laycon for severally saying that she tried to kiss him.
Reacting to the insults Erica directed at Laycon, Kiddwaya was heard saying that he was not used to this kind of reactions.
With the situation of things in the house, there are those who have concluded that Kiddwaya who has been described as a leader and a gentleman of a sort is likely to part ways with Erica who is fast turning one of the drama queens in the reality show.
There is also the possibility that Kiddwaya might be evicted as he is presently on the list of housemates lined up for possible eviction.
If he is evicted, that might mean the end of the relationship between the two of them.
While she was drunk o. Gordon’s Dry Gin, Erica insulted Laycon calling him all sorts of names.

Erica said: “Laycon means nothing to me,  he is like sand to me.”

She went on to say other things including Laycon  being a short and slim manipulative devil.

Other negative comments she made includes:

“He is an idiot,  why would he lie with my name. Apart from Erica what has he contributed in this house?”

“Even now that I am clearly drunk,  I don’t want to kiss him. ”

“Short fool,  your whole body is like a drumstick and why will anybody be attracted to you?”

“As skinny and ugly as you are,  how will I be attracted to you,  I am only attracted to your brain and right now it’s evil.

“You don’t have anything to trend with,  its always Erica.

“I will make sure that I do everything that will make you suffer in this life,” Erica said.




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