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Shocker: Mohbad’s Dad Will Soon Meet His Doom, Late Singer’s Mother Says




Abosede Adeyemo, the mother of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has said that the musician’s father Joseph Aloba will soon meet his doom.

The mother of the ‘Peace’ singer stated this during a recent interview in which she accused her ex-husband of trying to ruin the lives of her other children having ruined his own life.

While reacting to the controversy surrounding the DNA test that her ex-husband, is demanding from Wunmi the lady who allegedly welcomed a son named Liam for her late son, Adeyemo said that she had earlier asked that the DNA test be conducted.

According to her, Mohbad’s father was the one who made the DNA issue a topic of public discussion. She went on to describe Aloba as being wicked, adding that when her ex-husband was making money online from the death of his son. She also said that when he first heard of the birth of Liam, he said that the kid would be the one to buy his coffin. She revealed that she is now wondering why he is describing the child as a bastard.

Adeyemo wondered why her ex-husband was a threat to their grandson, asking if he had forgotten the hereafter.

She also said that she begged Mohbad’s father to forgive his son’s girlfriend if she offended him and sort the issue at hand, but he refused.

‘’I asked him to conduct the DNA test before now. There is nothing that concerns Nigerians with the DNA issue. It’s a family issue. It was his father that publicized the issue. I insisted on it from the onset. It was his father that publicized it. Omowunmi is his daughter in-law and they were in good terms before then. I don’t know why he couldn’t tell her politely to conduct the DNA test. Did Mohbad say he was not the owner of the child? When he had the boy, Josy was the one that said it is Liam that will be the one to buy his, Josy’s coffin. Now he is calling the same child a Bastard. My child is not a bastard’.

“Nigerians know the truth. How can we bring family issues into Justice for Mohbad? Was my quarrel with you part of Justice for Mohbad? Can’t you see how wicked you are?”

She also said that she told Mohbad’s father not to bury him on September 25 when he died as she believed he wasn’t dead but that his dad refused to listen.

“How can you Jose (Mohbad’s father) be a threat to Liam? Has he forgotten the hereafter? I begged him to forgive Wunmi if she offended him and sort the issue at hand. How can a good father demanding justice for his child be behaving like this? Jose has forgotten the hereafter and the fact that we shall all go to where Mohbad is someday. He destroyed his life and I don’t want him to ruin my other children’s lives.

“Jose is using Mohbad’s death to make money but he wil meet his doom soon”

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