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Shocker: How BUA Group Denied Ex-Staff Terminal Benefits For Years



Abdulsamad Rabiu

***Documents Indicts Bua Group

Details are emerging about the poor human management capacity of a popular indigenous company, Bua Group.

According to a report monitored by, on an online news medium, High Celebrity Squad, things are definitely not rosy with the Abdul Samad Rabiu-led organisation.

Barely a month ago, the sad tale of how three people died in an explosion in a BUA Cement factory in Sokoto State went viral.

The fire from the explosion was said to be so serious that it took the combined efforts of the federal and state fire services hours to put it out.

This was confirmed in a statement by the organisation, as it identified a diesel storage tank as the cause of the fire.

If you think that that is the worst, then hear this. Presently, an ex-staff of Bua Group is tearing the reputation of the company into shreds over unpaid emoluments and benefits.

According to Hamzat Oladipupo Yusuf, BUA Group has refused to pay his benefits despite parting ways with the company a year ago.

Yusuf, who worked at the BUA Suger Refinery in Apapa, Lagos State, said that he was in the organization’s employ for about 12 years before he left. He said typically, he is entitled to a certain amount of money in terminal benefits but has not received it.


“Please I need you to help me call on my former employer, BUA Group/BUA Sugar Refinery, to pay my terminal benefits withheld since November 2020,” Yusuf said.

“My benefits have not been paid to me and I have not been called. I worked there for about 12 years.”

“I was employed as a project engineer. The standard there is not really good. After some time, I became head of their civil department. Later, they said there was no civil department. I was made to go to a unit under utility. Later, they said there was no unit, so I was going to be an ordinary civil engineer. My last role there was that of a civil infrastructure engineer,” Yusuf said.

“The head of group HR, in person of Mr. Dotun Adako, had made an initial promise to me that I would be paid in early 2021.

“Till today, BUA has not fulfilled its promises. Now, my calls and mails are ignored by the HR and the executive chairman himself. Since they know my number, they don’t answer my calls.”

A screenshot of Yusuf’s chat with a certain staff of the Human Resource department named Tolu saw her promising times without number to look into the issue while promising to contact the headquarters, all to no avail.

“I know what this is about. I am not going to be able to answer any of your questions,” Ayo-Oguntoyinbo told this reporter on Tuesday. “You will have to contact the group head of HR.”

When Global Times News put a call through to the Group Head, Corporate Communication, Otega Ogra, he reportedly confirmed the story with Yusuf was true but added that he was not in the right position to ascertain if the payment has been made or not.

Why Nigeria Cannot Make Any Progress- Oyegbami

Recall that in early January 2022, Rabiu listed his sugar and food firm BUA Foods on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The company recently had a market capitalisation of nearly $2.8 billion, while the chairman of the company is said to own property in Britain, worth $62 million, and in South Africa, worth $19 million.

Forbes ranks Rabiu as the fifth richest man in Africa, while tags his net worth at $700 million.

Below are series of letters and screenshots of WhatsApp chats to back Hamzat’s claims:



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