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 ‘Science Student’, Will King Olamide Ever Stop?





One song which is attracting attention is Olamide’s ‘Science Student’. For those in the street where Olamide is King, it’s a massive hit. However, for those who are keen on the quality of music released into the industry, it’s another song endorsing drug abuse.

Last year, when Olamide released ‘Wo’ and ‘Wavy Level’ he was praised by music lovers, but the songs were banned by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

In a swift reaction, he took to social media to state that the songs were actually preaching against drug abuse, something his fan and media strategists commended, as a good move, as compared to his colleagues who choose to criticize the NBC for banning their song.

On this premise, Olamide recently released a new single which has been trending. Titled ‘Science Student’, the song talks about the numerous things youths take to get high.

Hinging this song on his previous explanation of preaching against drug abuse, Olamide mentioned the names of several drugs including the popular ‘Tramadol’, ‘Shisha’, ‘Flaka’, as he continues in his typical style of music.

The song has however not gone down well with some people including filmmaker, Don Pedro Obaseki, who insist that Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ should be banned like his other songs. If Olamide will maintain his initial line of defence when the NBC comes calling remains to be seen.




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