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Scale Up Through Side Hustle, Dr Onwumere Advises Salary Earners



Dr. Augustine Onwumere


Twelve years ago, Dr. Augustine Onwumere, was jobless, broke and homeless. But holding tenaciously to his childhood dream, to own a business empire in his lifetime, fate smiled on him when he and his wife, Dr Jayne, invented the now thriving real estate network marketing business model. Today, Dr. Onwumere is not just a billionaire real estate mogul, he commands employment. His 3assion for empowering other people has created millionaires out of ordinary Nigerians. Against the background of the just celebrated Workers’ Day, he unveiled the first edition of Mr. Empowerment Seminar series, promising to raise one million millionaires, in the next 10 years. Tai Anyanwu reports


It was a convivial affair, when a segment of Nigerian workers, gathered at the 10 Degrees Event Center, Ikeja Lagos, for the inaugural edition of Mr. Empowerment Lecture and Seminar Series, unveiled by the Chairman of Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group), Dr Augustine Onwumere, recently.
From his vantage position, the convener savoured the cozy atmosphere as Directors of PWAN, resource persons, partners, friends and associates mingled with the workers around an array of tables tastefully pre-arranged in banquette style. Intermittently, the voice of the Master of Ceremony (MC) interrupted the flow of gospel music supplied by a live band; as he gracefully introduced the speakers of the day.

Beyond the venue of the seminar, workers in different parts of the country marked their day within the confines permissible by COVID-19 protocols and security challenges across the country.

Dilemma of the salary earner in Nigeria

The inaugural lecture, however, began in earnest with Dr Onwumere capturing the state of the Nigerian worker today, in a voice heavily laden with empathy. “I know that being a worker in Nigeria is not easy. So I decided to set aside this special day (May 1) to partner with you. I will be talking with you, inviting you for programmes and having personal relationships with you. My heart beat is to see you start having positive changes in your lives, that your financial future, which today looks bleak, may not be bleak any longer.
“To work is good. But to work and be satisfied, pay your bills even help others to live a better life is better,” he said; pointing out that a salary earner in Nigeria today can no longer find satisfaction with one source of income given the current economic situation in the country. To drive his point home, Dr Onwumere explained that even as the Chairman of the giant real estate conglomerate, his salary is not enough. “It runs into millions, yet it’s not enough; because by my position, a lot of people believe that I have what it takes to make them happy. I must help people just like Christ told us to owe no one anything but to love them as the father has loved us. Hence, I have to do the business that I teach people to do so that I can make more money, earn direct and indirect commissions and be able help a lot of people,” he further explained.

On that premise, Mr. Empowerment as he is fondly called by his numerous protégés, set the ball rolling saying: “What I came to share with you today is a secret that has helped me since my early twenties. We will be looking at the topic: ‘Securing Your Financial Future Even As A Worker in Nigeria.’ So all we’ll be doing here is to know the ways we can define, determine our future and firmly ensure that our future, starting from now is guaranteed; and continuously make us happy and secure even as a worker in Nigeria.”

According to Dr. Onwumere, it is never too early for anyone, irrespective of their age bracket, to start preparing for a secure financial future. “You might have 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ahead of your retirement, my warning is; start now to prepare for a settled future. Many of us here are in our 30s, 40s and 50s. If that is our age bracket, then it must concern us that our future is settled,” he said.

The turning point:

He stated that anyone who wants to be happy in the country today must be ready to carve out a niche where he or she is in charge of their environment spiritually, psychologically, and economically. Invariably, the convener explained; “One practically has to be his or her own government, own business empire, empower many people to become millionaires and to create a followership. Nobody is designed to live low life. Everybody is designed to live in abundance and in prosperity. The earlier you find that the better for you.

He continued: “I have found that a long time ago. Twelve years ago I was nobody. I was so broke; no car, no house, nothing to take care of my family. But the Lord showed me the power in real estate, power in network marketing and power in empowerment. I have carried this message all over the federation, through people, through centers, through the media, through the internet, telling people that there is a good life even in Nigeria -the so called poverty capital of the world. It is not what it is. You can live in this country and be very happy.”

Dumping his 20-page slide at this juncture, the real estate guru said: “I will like to talk to you from my heart; I worked throughout the night, with my graphic artists, to get this slide done. But what makes me work this way is that several years ago till date; I plan my future every day. I plan my tomorrow every day, by how I think and how I feel every time.”

He regretted that lots of people do not understand how to command things to happen. “I, Dr. Augustine Onwumere, command things to happen positively. Like a magician, I can even command things to happen to people and the things I command happen; because I understand the power in the human mind very well.”

He explained: “The mind is a very powerful instrument that God has given to you. Please don’t allow anything to harm it. Don’t allow the stories of this earth that project evil in the world to get hold of your mind,” Dr Onwumere counseled; adding “It can magnet evil towards you; it can magnet what you don’t want towards you. “You have to be in full control of what you think, what you feel every second; and whether you are a worker, business person, student or housewife; be in control of your spiritual and psychological environment, to the point that you know what you think, how you think it,” he advised.


Exploits through mind control:

Precisely, Dr. Onwumere admonished the workers not to allow fear to dominate their minds and derail their creative visualization and attainment of their desired goals in life. He said: “As bad as it may seem, you can use your own mind to attract an accident to yourself, because of fear or what you have allowed to happen to your mind. If you continue to think about it, believe it and be afraid, you have unlocked the air, the atmosphere and the heaven for that accident to happen.

“You are the cause of what would happen at that time. That is how bad, because the mind does not know the difference between what you want and what you do not want. You are the one who can separate it and push what you don’t want away and magnify what you want,” he stressed.

He pleaded with his audience not to focus on the prevailing hash economic environment today; insisting that it’s more rewarding for one to continue to live in the presence of what he or she desires. “As you are sitting down here now, begin to form that excitement, that enjoyment you want to achieve and continue to live in it. According to Dr. Onwumere, effective application of vision, target and mind control is the secret that birthed his business empire.

“I have over 15 companies. Under one of them which PWAN Group, there are about 21 companies. I had been thinking how I will have over 33 companies since I was 13 years. I wrote it down as young as I was. All of that were accomplished because “I was living in the now of that dream. I exhibited courage and believed that it will happen any time.

“I am teaching you success here. No school will teach you what I am teaching you now. You have to learn how to use that single tool called your mind to achieve great things first on earth and carry millions along with you to heaven,” he said.

Opportunities in real estate:

At this juncture, Mr. Empowerment revealed that juicy opportunities exist in Nigeria’s real estate sector, for any worker who is ready to embrace real estate business as a side hustle. “I will like to say to every worker here that, if you have not signed up to become either a part time or full time real estate investor and you are between the ages 18 to 60, you are cheating yourself.

“Now some will say I do not have money to do real estate. Who said you need money to do real estate? President Donald Trump is who he is because he embraced real estate as a young boy. Several people in the world today, who are doing real estate even in Nigeria and who own big companies 90% of income comes from the profit from real estate.

“So sitting and working in a company and earn let’s say 200,000, cannot be enough for you. Whenever school fees for your wards come, you will be jumping up and down. When house rent is due, salary cannot be enough. Workers take my word, you need a plan B income and you need to secure your future. And you don’t need to lose that job or insult your boss,” he added.

He advised interested workers to rather, infuse themselves intelligently to what he described as the approach which he said had worked for him. “Come and understand the empowerment angle of PWAN business. I want you to attend seminars, read books to improve your belief system so you can anchor positive thing that will improve your lives.

“What I came here to do is to start a revolution by having protégés, mentees, people I will be mentoring and empowering. It is not going to be easy on me but I am going to do it. I want to have a million people in ten years who will become not just millionaires but have become financial producers of other people,” Dr Onwumere said.

Dr. Onwumere finds a soul mate in Mr. Chukwuma Nwosu, an ex-banker who encourages every salary earner to venture into smart investments and embrace alternative income-generating arrangement, to secure their financial future. He said: “Have a side hustle, take risk, embark on calculated savings, invest in yourself and secure your future.”

Pastor Zuberu Kadiri of House on The Rock and a seasoned trainer on wealth creation explained that money is attracted to only those who create value; adding that workers should learn to leverage on money and adopt suitable money optimization plan to grow wealth as well as support the present and the future security.

For his own part, the Executive Director of Energy Blocks Ltd, Mr. Uchenna Onwumere, underscored the importance of communication in improving productivity. He commended Dr. Onwumere for instituting Mr. Empowerment Lecture and Seminar series saying: “Dr Onwumwere is doing seminar instead of holidaying or dashing money. Whenever you want to change a people or a nation, you have to change their mindset first. If you don’t have enough financial education you are not likely to gain financial freedom even if you money at your disposal. ”

Speaking on ‘Internet, My Virtual Office,’ Mr. Ifeanyi Clement, a Digital Trainer, pointed out how Nigerian workers can create a paradise of value and earn extra income, just exploiting opportunities made possible by internet with an android phone.

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