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Residents Call Out EKEDC Over Lack Of Light In Ibeju Lekki



Residents of the Ibeju Lekki local government area have decried the poor supply of electricity to the area by Eko Electric Distribution Company (EKEDC).

In the past couple of months, areas such as Bogije, Onosa, Igondo Oloja, Baba Adisa, Onidogbo, Dangote Refinery, and several other communities within the local government have been in total darkness, leaving residents at the mercy of power-generating sets.

Residents of Okeogun Museyo Community in a peaceful protest against poor supply of electricity to the community

Pastor Segun Oluwagbote, Chairman of “End of Darkness in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos who recently called out the management of EKEDC over the lack of electricity in an open letter broadcasted on Radio Lagos 107.5, described the situation as appalling.

“EKEDC hardly give us light and they always come with outrageous bills after just two or three days of supply, it is time for us to ask EKEDC what we have done to them that has made them not to give us light.”

“We have hardly had light in this community, and when they bring it once or twice a month, it last for less than an hour. The last time they brought light, it did not last for more than three minutes,” Abosede Akomolafe, a resident of Igondo Oloja told this reporter.

“I know a community in Igondo Oloja where they single-handedly bought a transformer, they have also erected their polls, and are simply asking for one or two facilities from EKEDC to commission the transformer to no avail. The transformer has been there for over three years now. They have reached out to EKEDC, they have written letters upon letters and nothing has been done about the situation, it’s a shame,” another resident who chose not to reveal his identity said.

This is not the first time communities in Ibeju Lekki would be lamenting the lack of supply of energy.

In December 2022, communities in the local government raised concern over generators threatening the peace among residents.

Then, residents of the communities lamented the epileptic state of power supply that had created an environmental nightmare, with thousands of generating sets found with clusters, thus creating an environmental nuisance.

“I have been spending so much to run my generator and it is very stressful on my business. All they do is flash the light and take it again after a few minutes. After another three or more hours they will repeat it. And in some cases, that is all we would receive for that day, till another two days, and they want us to continue to pay for services not rendered,” Bilqees Alao, a resident of Oribanwa said.

According to her, the situation had affected business productivity.

“It is not fair how we are being treated on this axis after all there is light in Ikoyi, Lagos Island, and Victoria Island. But here from Abijo to Awoyaya to Bogije, we don’t have light. Before they said people are not paying the light bill so we should get prepaid metres, now many people struggle to get prepaid metres, but the situation remains the same. She added.

“The noise we live in here is unimaginable. People don’t even care about others living around them. They just care about their comfort, and it’s not their fault, it’s the government that put us in the condition of constant noise.

“Aside from e the noise and pollution they emit, they also constitute health hazards. As most health experts have warned, fumes from generators, like those from car exhausts, are deadly. The fumes contain carbon monoxide, a poisonous, invisible and odorless gas. When inhaled, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the tissues and can easily lead to death,” Jimoh Ajayi, an Awoyaya resident said.


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