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Reno Omokri React To Backlash From Single Mums Comment



Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has reacted to the backlash he received after bashing single mums.

The former presidential aide had said that he had no sympathy for single mums, attracting condemnation from several women including BBNaija star, Bisola.

Responding via his Instagram page to the criticism, Reno wrote that most of the male prisoners are from single mothers.

”Yesterday, I said unless she was raped, widowed, or escaping an abusive husband, I have no sympathy for single mothers. Some people took offence. Single motherhood is devastating the Black Race. It may be convenient for you. But is it convenient for your child? 78% of all babies born to African American women are born by single mothers. In New York, more Black babies are aborted than are born. No other race has such SHAMEFUL statistics. If my sexual purity teaching annoys you, I invite you to visit the motherless babies home God helped me build, to see the effects of premarital sex. The Black world should stop pretending this is not a challenge. No other race has such an abysmal rate of single mothers. Most Black males in prison come from single mothers!’,he ” wrote.


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