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Reminiscing On Our Loss!!!




 By Obiaruko Ndukwe


We are the reason why the East lost out in the power shift!  We hailed when we ought to have wailed. When the two brothers were at daggers down. We were the cheerleaders. Pitching tents on both sides when we should have sued for peace

Amaechi didn’t lose. Neither will Wike lose. It is the people of the East that lost a golden opportunity

We always say: may the Labour of our heroes past not be in vain. Yet we have spat on the graves of our fathers. Whose sweat built the foundation of our unity. We played politics with ignominy

Today, we are yet playing second fiddle, waking up at midnight to look for our voting power. Fixing a fast food just at the toll of the bell. When the elections are already here.

We seek a sudden messiah.

What we feared most has come upon us. Our lords have imposed a heavy tax on us because we failed to seek unity even in our diversity. The Tower of Babel has once again crashed and we are dancing to the discordant tunes. Maybe our dance steps will be uniform now. To entrench our feet in the seat of power.

Resilient and Tenacious people yet in disarray. Because we sold our pride cheap to those who trample on it. May the bonds we shared revive us again

That we may recover our lost glory!


Written By Obiaruko Ndukwe

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