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The attention of Orluzurzumee Youth Assembly [OZYA] has been drawn to the news making rounds that you recently conferred on Uche Nwosu, the of Ugwumba Orlu zone. Though we are aware of your inalienable right and discretional entitlement to choose whomsoever to honour or decorate with chieftaincy titles especially in your capacity as the local custodian of Umuodioka Community customs and traditions, and have no reason whatsoever to query or object to such right and privilege once it is restricted within the Umudioka Ancient Kingdom in Orlu LGA as demanded by law, we feel highly constrained to register our embarrassment hence our resolve to demand explanations from you for going widely beyond your customary limits and exceeding your authority boundaries.

It is also paramount to state that since you are not the most senior or longest serving, surviving or substantive chairman of the Council of Ndieze Orlu, you have no such right as to go beyond the confines of your local Umudioka Community to confer on Uche Nwosu, such chieftaincy title as Ugwumba Orlu.

It is therefore based on the foregoing and against this backdrop that we of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, feel highly embarrassed by your provocative act of braggadocio and so cannot simply fold our arms and watch helplessly as you recklessly erode our revered traditions hence our collective resolve to state herein, that your effrontery at usurping and appropriating the right and authorities of all the traditional rulers in Orlu Senatorial District is therefore unacceptable, a show of arrogance and an affront unbecoming of an ageless traditional ruler like you.

It is on this note that we therefore advise you to withdraw the now controversial title and apologize to the entire Orlu zone for taking them for a ride and for granted, just for the sake of filthy lucre or worst still, a plate of porridge .Uche Nwosu should also note that he is being dressed in borrowed robes the consequences and implications of which he can hardly stem as such grandstanding is un becoming of a public officer irrespective of his close affiliation and relationship with the Governor of Imo State does not deserve conferring chieftaincy titles indiscriminately as in this case which has so diminished the integrity and modicum of decorum expected of our traditional rulers. The Ugwumba title for sure cannot be for sale to the highest bidder. If after seven days, you do not comply with our candid advice, we shall be left with no other option than to exercise our right to annul such conferment made without the consent or approval of Orlu people. You are hereby dims advised. For and on behalf of OZYA.


Comr Chibuike Odunze

National Student Co-ordinator


Comr Kyrian Echerebo

National Secretary

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