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Read OPANI’s Petition To President Bola Tinubu On OmegaPro Scam



To: The Federal Government of Nigeria, The Nigerian Minister of Justice; Chairman of the Senate; Speaker of the House of Representatives; Chairman of EFCC, director of Diaspora affairs.

Introduction and overview of the Omegapro Forex Ponzi Scheme:
We, the concerned citizens of Nigeria, come together with a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. We urge the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Nigerian Minister of Justice to launch a comprehensive investigation into the actions of Omegapro Forex Trading, a foreign company that has exploited our people through a Ponzi scheme.

We, the undersigned urgently call upon the President of Nigeria; Chairman of EFCC; President of the Senate; Speaker of the House of Representatives; Inspector General of Police and other law enforcement Agencies to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the activities of OmegaPro Forex Trading company that operated out of Dubai and their Co-Founders and top operatives, namely Andreas Szakacs; Dilawar Singh; Mike Simms; and Paulo Tyneman, as well as their T Nigerian facilitators, Agents and Enablers who earned billions of commissions from luring Nigerians to sign up under them in one of the biggest Ponzi schemes ever in Nigeria.
OmegaPro Forex Trading is a Dubai-based company that was registered and operated within your Dubai jurisdiction. Their world headquarters is based in Dubai, and over $100 billion of depositors’ funds were remitted to them in Dubai via cryptocurrency and dollar transfers. This petition represents the voices of countless investors globally, including those of over 10,000 members of the OPANI CLASS ACTION from Nigeria who collectively have over N200 billion (part of an estimated $100 billion globally) invested in what has now been revealed as a very elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Omegapro, owned by Dubai-based residents Andreas Szakacs, Mike Simms, and Dilawar Singh, Paulo Tyneman etc was introduced into Nigeria, and other Nigerian Diaspora members in our Class of Investors, with great fanfare using personal testimonials, credibility, and endorsement by Influential Top Nigerian MLM Leaders and Omegapro Top Omegapro Agents including Daniel Onoja, Tomiwa Orunnipin, Samuel Ajibare, Grace Udenwa Udoye, Wuraola Fadairo Orunupin, Olasebikan Oladapo, Maryann Ilorah, Chinwe Ikpe, Bamidele Ajibare Samuel, Ajibare Olushola Ebunoluwa, Dotun Fatoyinbo, Leo Bonaventure Igboanugo, Dr. Afoma Nwolisa, Matthew Ogunmodede, and dozens of other top-level MLM leaders.
The company and its Dubai resident owners were presented to Nigerians by these trusted people as a legitimate Forex Trading company. To further allay the fears of many skeptical members of the public, these owners of Omegapro and their agents in Nigeria presented credible respected international figures like Les Brown, Eric Worre, Eric Thomas etc., as respected professionals who have endorsed their company.

They also paraded world-class celebrities and footballers, including Ronaldinho, JJ Okocha, Vinicius, and many others, as their ambassadors.

To further seal the deal of credibility, they also showed pictures of several Dubai princes and even videos of the Sheikh himself attending their Omegapro events in Dubai as part of the elaborate strategy to sell the Dubai-based Omegapro Forex Business as a legitimate business.

Over the course of about 3 years, thousands of people in over seventy countries, 250,000 Nigerians which include over 10,000 Nigerians who have now formed themselves into the Omegapro Action Nigerian (OPANI) class Action, invested in this Omegapro forex trading company with the expectation of profits from their trading activities.

Unfortunately, after 3 years, these Dubai-based Omegapro owners and their agents all over the world, including their representatives and enablers in Nigeria have disappeared with over $100 Billion of investors’ money, of which about N200 Billion was taken from Nigerians, and members of the Opani class of Omegapro Investors.

Key Points of Our Petition:

1. Petition To Investigate Omegapro Forex Scam in Nigeria and how it has affected our economy:
We call upon the Nigerian government to thoroughly investigate Omegapro Forex Trading, a foreign company that operated a Ponzi scheme within our borders. This company, operating from Dubai, took advantage of our citizens, leading to severe financial losses and damage to our economy exceeding over N200 Billion Naira. It is essential to protect Nigerians from such fraudulent activities and hold Omegapro accountable for its actions.

2. Request For Nigerian Government To Investigate The Main Enablers of Omegapro In Nigeria:
We insist on an investigation into the main enablers who facilitated the entry of Omegapro into Nigeria especially the top Crown, Black and Blue diamonds who earned great sums of money as commission to sell out their fellow Nigerians. They have used this money to purchase houses, expensive cars and use it as deposits to start other businesses including one of them using the proceeds to acquire a Micro Finance banking license from the CBN. These top enablers of OmegaPro in Nigeria and who have earned billions in sign-up commissions from Nigeria include:
1.Daniel Oche Onoja (crown diamond)
2. Samuel Ajibare (Black Diamond)
3. Lily Onoja (Blue Diamond)
4. Bonaventure Igboanugo (Black Diamond)
5. Gift Ajibare (Black Diamond)
6. Chinwe Ikpe (Black Diamond)
7. Victor purple (Blue Diamond)
8. Mariam Ilorah (Black Diamond)
9. Tomiwa Orunnipin (Black Diamond)
10. Charles Anazodo (Blue Diamond)
11. Sylvester Ehimare (Blue Diamond)
12. Uche Ray Mcdonald – (Blue Diamond)
13. Amarachi Ugorji (Blue Diamond)
14. Seun Odeneye (Blue Diamond)
15. Mathew Ogunmodede (Blue Diamond)
16. Dr Favour Afoma Nwolisa (Blue Diamond).
17. Janey Ezeoba (Blue Diamond)
18. Omegapro Diamond Naomi Mohmodu (blue diamond)
19. Egbowhe O. Patience (Blue Diamond )
20. Engineer Adeyemo (Blue Diamond)
Some of these Crown, Black, and Blue Diamonds are reported to be earning between $20,000 to $50,000 a WEEK at the height of this Ponzi scheme in Nigeria as the top enablers and agents of the Dubai-based Ponzi scheme operators. Some verifiable international magazines put the annual commissions earned from people investments for some of them like Samuel Ajibare; Daniel Onoja, Bonaventure Igboanugo and Tomiwa Orunnipin as exceeding over $3,000,000.00 a year

We, as members of the Opani Class of Nigerian Investors have spent weeks and months begging and appealing to them to refund some of the commissions they earned from luring their friends and trusted followers to sign up under them for this scheme, but they have openly refused and scoffed at all attempts to make them see reason and the fairness in refunding some of their commissions earned from this illegal Ponzi scheme.
We will provide a comprehensive list of the top Nigerian leaders involved in promoting the Omegapro scam once a public enquiry is opened into this colossal scam on Nigerians and the Nigerian economy

3. Legal Action and Commissions Refund:
We petition The government to direct law enforcement agencies to arrest the named top enablers and hold them accountable for their role in promoting the Omegapro scam before they all run out of the country. We members of the investors class named OPANI demand that these enablers refund the commissions they have earned by deceiving the unsuspecting public. This action is vital in ensuring justice for the victims and deterring others from engaging in such activities.

4. Enact Laws to Protect Nigerians:
We also implore the National Assembly to consider passing legislation that makes it more challenging for foreign financial and Ponzi scheme operators like Omegapro to exploit Nigerians. Our laws currently do not hold foreign and local promoters of Ponzi schemes like this accountable enough. Stronger regulatory measures are necessary to safeguard our citizens from future scams.

5. Diplomatic Efforts with Dubai For Condoning Scams Against Nigerians:
We request the Nigerian Minister of External Affairs to engage with Dubai authorities and take necessary steps to bring the operators of Omegapro, who are residing in Dubai, to justice.
We remind our government in Nigeria that The Dubai government recently banned Nigerians from coming to Dubai on allegations that Nigerians are scammers . Yet most of the Ponzi schemes and financial scams are perpetrated on Nigerians by businesses based in Dubai or by Dubai citizens sometimes with the connivance of Dubai princes and government officials. So, it’s time Nigerian government to hold them accountable for that country becoming the Ponzi scheme capital of the world .
These Dubai based operators and their Nigerian top enabler have defrauded Nigerians by collecting commissions from luring them into the different Ponzi schemes like OmegaPro, and it is essential to ensure they face legal consequences for their actions.

This petition is not only a call for justice but a plea for the protection of Nigerian citizens from the Omegapro Forex scam and similar fraudulent schemes. We believe that by investigating Omegapro and its enablers, enacting protective legislation, and engaging in diplomatic efforts, we can prevent further harm to our people and economy.

By signing this petition, we unite in our call for action and justice. We trust that the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Nigerian Minister of Justice will respond to our plea with the seriousness it warrants and take all necessary steps to address this critical issue.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the welfare of our fellow Nigerians.

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