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Read How Primate Ayodele Warned Wizkid About Mother’s Death (VIDEO)





It is appointed for everyone to die, as the bible put it, every soul shall taste death. Death is undoubtedly unpredictable, it comes when it wishes without regard for the victim’s status, health condition, race, complexion, personality, etc.

Even as unpredictable as death is, God, who knows everything that will happen in the future, reveals certain information to his prophets. We know prophets always accurately foretell the future, and revealing the period of death of an individual is part of their gifts. In the bible, God sent some of his prophets to respected individuals about the time of their death, there are several references in the holy bible to prove this.

Likewise, as it is in the days of old, God still reveals some mysterious and hidden things about the nature of man to his prophets. He reveals these things through his prophets to warn and inform those involved in the revelations.

In the world presently, one of the foremost prophets is Nigerian-born Primate Elijah Ayodele. He is the religious leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church and is very renowned for his several prophecies about the world at large. He has also been referenced for foretelling the death of certain individuals across the world. Although He has been described by some sections of society as a ‘prophet of doom’ for his revelations about unfortunate happenings around the world but can we blame God’s messenger for simply delivering what he received from his maker? Absolutely No.

Once again, his prophecy regarding the death of personalities has come to pass with the demise of Musician Wizkid’s mother. The musician announced the death of his mother a few days ago and has received condolence messages from his fans and colleagues around the world.

In a video shared on his TikTok page in January, Primate Ayodele addressed some celebrities and asked them to pray against a situation that will make people console or sympathize with them. H

These were his words

‘’Psquare, Wizkid, Basketmouth, AY, and Seyi Law. They should commit themselves to the hands of God. There are some signals hovering around them that they should pray about. I am not saying you should come and see me, including Pasuma. All these people should be careful because of the impending danger that will make them cry or be troubled or make them worry or make them mourn or make people sympathize with them.’’

Among the names Primate Ayodele mentioned, three of them have experienced situations that made them cry recently. Pasuma lost his mother a few months ago While comedian, AY’s house was gutted by fire some weeks ago, and lost properties worth millions of naira. Now, Wizkid has just lost his mother to the cold hands of death.

All of these unfortunate incidents have proven that Primate Ayodele didn’t make the revelations because he wanted attention, He was indeed God sent to those he mentioned but it seems they didn’t listen to him.


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