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Re: Protests at Fidelity Bank Offices in Lagos



Nnamdi Okonkwo

Our attention has been drawn to the demonstrations at some of our Business offices in Lagos.

The actions, aimed at preventing innocent customers from carrying out their banking transactions, is the handiwork of a few disengaged drivers from one of our vendor companies.

We understand that the drivers who were in the past outsourced to the bank, have been paid their severance packages and entitlements by their employers.

For the avoidance of doubt, we state categorically that Fidelity Bank is not owing staff salaries, severance packages or gratuity payments as erroneously being portrayed. 

We are a responsible financial institution, operating in Nigeria and guided by the laws of the land. Whilst we are not against the right to constituted assembly, these actions are clearly unwarranted and obviously misdirected.

We are initiating legal measures to put a stop to this corporate harassment and we urge the relevant authorities, including the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to note this threat to the conduct of our legitimate business.

Thank you.

Charles Aigbe

Divisional Head, Brand & Communications.


Polaris Bank AD




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