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Prophet Joshua Iginla Reels Out The mind Of God For Nigeria@60





The clergy with the prophetic mantle and Shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly has dished out fresh Prophetic insight concerning Nigeria as she Celebrates her 60th independence anniversary.

Iginla reiterated the shortfalls that have bedeviled the country and reeled out the mind of God for this country .
‘In Nigeria today, we dont have fathers of the land. The efforts of our forefathers such as Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafa Balewa and Obafemi Awolowo have been thwarted.

Their dogged passion for a one Nigeria has been taken away. We now have colonial masters despite our freedom.We celebrated our 60th independence but still living under mental slavery.
Prices of food items have multiplied in the market. The poor man cant afford to buy rice again and it has become a hot cake. Lives of people are unbearable because people who are supposed to steer the ship of this country no longer have feelings for the masses.

We have natural resources and one of the richest in Africa yet living in penury and begging for survival. We signed contracts with China that are very complicating and mentally distubing for the future of this country. Nigeria is a ciountry other countries are meant to loan from. In the midst of this pandemics , the electricity tariff has skyrocketed to a level you can think of..

The voice of the masses has been subdued. You cant even tell if the voice of the masses is truly fior the masses. . We can no longer diffrentite human right fighters, actvicts and labour union from politicians. Everything has been adulterated and polluted.

That is niot to say the government of the day is not trying butr I feel it has gottenm to a point that if the masses are sufferuing, then the duty of the Government of the day is questionable. Its time to see that Nigeria might be celebrating her independence but are we really free? We need to pray.

Some will ask man of God whats your message for independemce? I see a new Nigeria in the hands of God. Nigeria is a country that cant be abandoned. I see leades that will stand up and steer the fortune of this country and turning it arpound to what it should be. I see the giant of Africa raising her head and walking gallantly among its competitors, rising up to become what it should be…I believe in this country and iwant you to believe there is hope fior Nigeria. We will get there. We are work in progress.’


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