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Primate Ayodele Sends Strong Warning To Chad Interim President, Other African Countries



Primate Ayodele


The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has sent a strong warning to the interim head of state of Chad, Kaka Derby after he emerged the leader of the country few days ago following the death of his father, who was the president.

The Popular prophet revealed He should not trust people around him, as he foresees that those advising him will gang-up against him, while urging the forces to work with him if they want peace in the country.

‘Chad interim head of state shouldn’t trust the people surrounding him, they will want to set him up, some of his father’s enemies will still want to trouble him, and they have to be very prayerful so that people advising him will not be the ones to gang up against him.

The Interim government will be frustrated, for peace to reign in Chad, I advice the people and forces to corporate with the interim head of state’

Primate Ayodele also released warnings to some African countries that he foresees troubles for, He mentioned Uganda, Congo, Cameroun, and Benin republic

‘’Uganda president needs to be more conscious because there is still going to be an attempted coup to unseat him if he is t not careful enough, the soldiers might go against him and he must also be prayerful about his health.

Congo Brazzaville president should be mindful because I see the unexpected happening to him, he should pray for his health and life, there will be a political crisis in the country.

In Cameroun, there will be division, the president should pray not to go into coma that will cause trouble for his heath

The president of Benin republic will set the country on fire with his selfish plans and attitude, I am seeing troubles and counter troubles, the soldiers may go on rampage in the country, let’s pray against a successful coup in Africa’’



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