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Primate Ayodele Names True Prophets In Nigeria



Primate Ayodele

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has addressed people on the true meaning of prophecy and why they are important in our world today.

He gave this sermon during a live service in his church on Sunday, while explaining how God speaks to people to prophesy about some things.

According to him, prophecies can be made on any aspect of life as there is nothing God isn’t interested in about what happens in the life of any man.

He stated that sometimes people take predictions and see them as prophecies, He posits that they are two different thing as anyone can predict but prophesy is a gift from God.

‘’There is difference between prophecy and prediction, anyone can predict, but prophesy is a gift from God, it can go in different ways. There can be prophecies on any aspect of life, God can speak to you about anything.

“God spoke to Prophet Hezekiah to speak on bone, God spoke to Prophet Samuel to pick who will lead Israel even when the people misbehaved and wanted their own choice, just like we have it now in Nigeria, we only wanted change, we didn’t ask from God on who he wants for us and we can all see the result.

“I want to say that its not a must you believe in prophecy but our lives are more spiritual than physical and that is the essence of prophecy. God has given some people power to foresee either through dreams, hearing, visions. Whatever you see manifest in the physical has happened in the spiritual realm.

“Before the birth of Jesus Christ, it has been prophesied in the book of Isiah that a king will be born and He will have authority on his church, several people spoke about his coming. Prophecy has changed lives, the situation we are in this world has been prophesied, including Covid-19 virus that struck the world.

 “God is not someone who gives prophecies without solution and that is why I always ask us to pray whenever I give these warnings, I do my own prayers, God wants me to say it to the world and that is why I do.

“Joshua was one of those whom God spoke to through dreams, God spoke to Jacob through dream, we have several prophets in the bible.

“I am saying this because you need a prophet in your life, I have seen many irregularities that makes prophets not to talk in one voice, everyone wants to be a Prophet of his own, but there are several prophets in the world who speak the heart of God. A Prophet will tell you about Impediment dangers and how to avert them in the Lord, it could just be to take a step, it could be to sing before the Lord’’

The man of God lamented that the world leaders and Nigerians have berate God and his prophets, blaming that as the reason behind the predicament currently faced by the world at large.

‘God speaks to those he has chosen as his prophets, Nigerians have berate God, world leaders have berate God, individuals have berate God and that is why we are facing what we are in now globally.

God can use anyone but there are people who are prophet of note, integrity and pedigree. Also, there are differences between Prophets, Bishops, Pastors and Apostles’’

While speaking on where to find true prophets, Primate Ayodele revealed that there are so many of them in the world, and they can be seen in lots of churches. Meanwhile, He mentioned some names of those he remembers are true prophets of God.

‘’We have many prophets that when they speak, it comes to pass, Joshua Iginla is a prophet, Primate Olabayo is a Prophet, Apostle Suleman, Omotosho Tope Joseph, Ositelu,  these are prophets of note that I can remember, they speak the heart of the Lord to the people, they are true prophets of God.

We have prophet in churches, we have in Celestial, Pentecostal, CAC, others, they speak in tongue and prophesy, you don’t need to blaspheme the holy spirit by opposing the prophet.

Prophecies are to guide against dangers, things to come, that is the essence. Some people go in trance, even the traditional worshippers, some use water, some use crystal ball, they have medium where they can see but there are people who hear directly from God, these are the prophets I am talking about, we also have Prophetesses’’


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