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Primate Ayodele Explains Reason Behind Governor Uzodinma’s Travails, Criticises Garba Shehu



Primate Ayodele

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released a strong message for the governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma regarding the unfortunate events that have been happening in his state for a while.

Recall that yesterday, the country home of the governor was attacked and razed by fire, with properties and vehicles getting burnt to ashes.

Primate Ayodele in a live session revealed that Governor Uzodinma is being fought by forces of Imo land and that they want to ensure the state is ungovernable for him.

The man of God made it known that this is happening because Uzodinma became governor in a wrong way, and that he is not meant to be governor of the state, hence, the coming together of forces to fight him.

He however stated that the solution for peace to return to Imo State is returning Emeka Ihedioha as governor of the state, if not, the forces will continue to attack.

‘’ It’s unfortunate that this happened to Hope Uzodinma who has been working well to see that everything goes well in his state. The fact is the forces are fighting the governor and that is why the state is being ungovernable for him.

“There is a conspiracy in his government and the forces of the land are fighting him. This happens when something that doesn’t belong to you is given to you; forces will come together to fight you, forces are fighting him, let them do what is right by restoring Emeka Iheadioha back as governor of the state for peace to reign’’

Also, the man of God blasted the Senior Special Adviser (SSA) on Media to President Buhari, Garba Shehu for his comments on Isa Pantami’s travails.

Shehu had said that  Pantami, the Minister of Communications was young when he made some statements that encouraged terrorism, and that he has changed his orientation now. Also, he compared the situation of Pantami to that of Kemi Adeosun who resigned due to some discrepancies in her National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) ceritificate. l

The presidential aide noted that Adeosun’s case is higher than Pantami’s.

Primate Ayodele in his reaction maintained that Shehu is one of the people misleading this government, and that he needs to think deeply before saying anything.

“Garba Shehu is one of the people misleading Buhari’s government, I am not sure he thinks very deeply before commenting on issues, Kemi Adeosun’s case doesn’t even warrant resignation because it was not totally her fault that her certificates were not in order, but she willingly resigned because she is a woman of integrity, and honour. But what Pantami has done is related to terrorism, it involved terrorist groups, its shameful, he doesn’t even need to say anything, the first thing is to resign before anything if he is an honorable person.

“This position they are dragging is just for the main time, why stain yourself forever for a post that won’t exceed eight years? Garba shehu also needs to be investigated for supporting Pantami in such way, with Isa Pantami in this cabinet, it’s a disgrace to Nigeria, this will cause chaos, conspiracy in his government, why must he still be there, on what account? Are they serving the nation or their pocket? Someone who is serving the nation will leave with honour and not wait till anyone to molest him because as it is now, he has been molested by this act.

“This also berates out DSS, and the Senate who screened for him,” Primate Ayodele said.

Furthermore, he adviced the government to beef up the security in the country’s universities because terrorists are everywhere in the country.


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