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Portable Assault Label Artiste For Being Ungrateful***Photos



Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has been spotted assaulting one of his artistes.

The singer whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, was captured on camera assulting his artiste known as Manny Monie, for being ”ungrateful.”

Manny Monies is signed under Portable’s Zeh Nation record label.

In the video, Portable is seen hitting and kicking Manny Monie on the face, while asking him questions.

Speaking in Pidgin English and Yoruba language, Portable accused Manny Monie of being ungrateful despite ‘all that he has done for him.’

”Did you borrow me any money? I’m helping you… I post you, carry you go shows, buy shoes for you, buy trousers, buy everything. I changed your phone. What else do you want me to do?… You will not propser’.

On his part, Manny Money is heard saying that he and his brother approached Portable for a collaboration and a work relationship started from there. He claimed he paid Portable N700,000 and his brother set up a recording studio which Portable has been using.

He further stated that Portable said he had a dream about someone trying to kill him so he told his crew members and everyone around him to give him space. Manny Monie said he then approached Portable to give him back his studio since the Zazoo singer had opened a new studio. However, Portable said he was ungrateful to make such a demand and began beating him,” Manny Monie said.

These comes a day after Portable sacked all the employees at his studio for generating only N7,000 in six weeks.

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