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Polymer Scandal Fraud Charges Resurface, As Mint Boss Emmanuel Ehi Okoyomon Is Listed For Money Laundering, Identity Theft Trial In UK***Wife, Adejoke fingered as accomplice.



Mint Boss Emmanuel Ehi Okoyomon

Mint Boss Emmanuel Ehi Okoyomon

The last is not heard of the much celebrated polymer scandal blown open by Australian newspaper, ‘The Age’ that rocked international financial circles on end.

Securency International, an outfit that produces polymer used in bank notes in about 28 countries was discovered to have paid bribes in some countries to secure contracts.

Nigeria was drafted into the messy dealings when investigations revealed the sum of N750m was paid to nigerian officials.

The company identified as a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of Australia reported laid out the bribe money and supplied N1.9billion bank notes to the Central Bank of Nigeria during the tenure of Mr Chukwuma Soludo.

Investigations into the development by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission – in collaboration with foreign law enforcement agencies – traced some of the bribe money into personal accounts of Adejoke, wife of Managing Director of the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting plc- Emmanuel Ehidiamhen Okoyomon.

The account domicile in Canada has been frozen.

Nigerian notes are coins are printed/ minted by the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting  plc and other outfits abroad, and issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria

Further investigations by EFCC has now revealed Okoyomon who was boss of the NSPMC until his ouster in 2013 by the board of the Central Bank over inability to account for printed N1000 notes worth N1.2 billion was involved in a mesh of identity thefts, forgery and money laundery that illegally earned him millions in hidden accounts home and abroad.

A document signed by the financial watchdog’s Director of Operations, Olaolu Adegbeti details all the anomalies.

Part of the discovery is that Okomoyon used his driver’s photograph to forge a driver’s license bearing the name of his official clear to open a bank account with an ill gotten bank deposit of N368million- acting as sole signatory.

These astounding discoveries comes on the heels of indictment by the a joint operation of United Kingdom’s Special Fraud Unit and Interpol, initially unearthed grave forgery and laundery offences against the former mint boss.

Sources confirmed extradition process is now against the holder of dual nigerian and british citizenship to face trial abroad.

Informants revealed this development is being perfected through the office of the Attorney General of the Federation under a Mutual Legal Assistance request by the British Government.

Inside sources at the EFCC however investigations into how the latest twist came to be remains open.

Sources at the agency confirmed it is still vigorous probing involvements of other players at the period of the fraud.

The EFCC at a point had hinted former CBN Governor, Chukwuma Soludo has a case to answer.

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