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Paschal Chikero: The Problem With Davido’s ‘Skelewu’



The Skelewu tune by David Adeleke (aka Davido), is nothing but a dance song flying on the wings of good beats but lacking lyrical depth and concept. If you take away the beat, the song is impotent and lacks everything in a good song. And that is putting it mildly.

This is why it’s near impossible for any Video Director to perfectly interpret the song without cliche scenes. From the matters arising, one could deduce that after Davido and his handlers saw the massive bashing of the Skelewu video Sesan shot, they thought it was logical to disssociate themselves from it by calling it a leak or an unfinished job.

Definitely, a Director like Sesan knows what such a statement could do to his business, so he quickly released a counter press statement. When there are competing voices, the truth is buried in arguments. Here is an excerpt from Sesan’s statement:

“Myself and my team shot the video for Davido in Nigeria and to the best of my
knowledge, my client and his team were very happy with the result, when they watched/ and APPROVED the video.”

Sesan ‘s statement reveals that Davido approved the video. But what did he do after seeing the flop in ratings? He denied ever giving it a thumbs up. After rubbishing Sesan’s work, Davido went after the imaginative lens of Moe Musa and off they went to London to shoot, as though the city of London was going to work the magic. I knew that when the video will be officially released, it won’t beat what Sesan had done. Lo and behold, Davido proved me a Prophet!  Immediately after the release, the comparison game started.

Here is what a few fans and some celebrities had to say about the video on Twitter:

@charlebros5 tweeted: ‘Tony Umez’s paracetamol advert is better than the new Skelewu
video lmao (Laughing my ass out)’.

Another fan tweeted:
‘Only Ozil can assist Davido with a better Skelewu video’.

Comedianowengee tweeted: ‘If you prefer Moe Musa’s Skelewu to Sesan’s version, you deserve to be slapped with a shovel.’

Some even went as far as calling the Skelewu video a seasonal movie as blogger @olorisupergirl tweeted: ‘The first video was leaked, the second one is the movie and the
third one will be the Return of Skelewu. We are waiting for Part 3.’

@comedianGordons further tweeted, ‘If Davido likes, he should make the Skelewu video a seasonal movie; Tony Umez’s Paracetamol advert will always be better.’

This shows that the problem isn’t from the Video Directors. These Video Directors are among the top five video Directors in Nigeria right now and they have consistently made hit videos. The problem is from Davido’s song, Skelewu!

The song is completely meaningless! The song cannot inspire any visual creativity except people dancing to the beat. So even if twenty different Directors are contracted to work on it, they won’t come up with anything better than Sesan’s interpretation.

And it says a lot about our music appreciation in this era, when a meaningless song like ‘Skelewu’ tops the local music charts and is given massive air play. We have lost it as a people. And that’s more official than the Skelewu official video.

-By Paschal Chikero

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