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Paragon Clinics And Imaging Diagnosis Indicted In Death Of 24-year-old



A Port Harcourt based clinic identified as Paragon Clinics and Imaging Diagnosis has been accused of being culpable in the death of a 24-year-old graduate identified as Rebeka Sekidika

According to the parents of the deceased, the young graduate died while visiting the hospital for a simple procedure.

Accusing the hospital of medical negligence, her parents said that the first class student was set to travel abroad to further her education when she visited Paragon Clinics & Imaging in Port Harcourt after she missed her period for three months.

They revealed that a number of tests, including pregnancy test, were done on the 24-year-old and they all came out negative.

She then returned to the hospital for a diagnostic hysterescopy.

They insist that she was healthy when she went to the hospital on February 2 for a disgnositic procedure that “isn’t life threatening”.

According to them, while waiting to be attended to, she joined her online class with her laptop there at the hospital before going in to see the doctor.

However, minutes later, her parents report hearing commotion coming from the theatre and they were later informed that Rebeka had died.

The bereaved father said he saw her in a pool of blood when he went into the theatre and he doesn’t understand how his healthy daughter would end up that way.

He is now seeking justice, while accusing the clinic of negligence.

Speaking to Punch Metro during her burial, the father of the deceased was quoted as saying, “This is a loss we will mourn for the rest of our lives. Instead of a marriage certificate, it is a death certificate I got.

“On that fateful day, she went to the hospital hale and hearty just to go for something she too said was a simple procedure. But due to the negligence of people, she died from a procedure that didn’t require surgery.”

The deceased was set to travel to the United Kingdom to further her education before she died.

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