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Otunba Mike Adenuga, A Rare Gem




The ability to foresee the dividends of a business idea from its conceptualisation stage and follow it through is a rare gift. This is a fact considering the challenges faced by businesses sited in Nigeria.

Businessmen who are endowed with this ability especially those who remove sentiment from their businesses become magnificent at what they do.

Such individuals are often seen in global business circles as possessing a magic wand, as they just can never go wrong.

In the world, there are few men who possess this quality, but surely the chairman of renowned telecommunication outfit Globacom, Otunba Mike Adenuga is one of them.

Known to have a vested interest in several sectors including oil and gas, one of Otunba Adenuga’s landmark achievements which would be remembered perhaps for eternity is saving his beloved motherland from the bondage of exploitation.

Until Globacom revolutionalised telecommunication in Nigeria several years ago, Nigerians were in bondage, paying cutthroat prices for telecommunication services, as the operator of the sector made it appear like no one could render the services at a cheaper rate. But alas Globacom came through and demystified it all, offering the same services if not better at a far cheaper rate.

18 years on and it has been a matter of surpassing one milestone after the other and giving back to the society where it all started.

As Globacom celebrates 18 years of dishing out quality services, Otunba Adenuga deserves more than a flashback and a grin of satisfaction, he deserves even more than a standing ovation for making the sacrifices of forgetting profitability and ensuring Nigerians can communicate at a cheaper rate.

Indeed, the Otunba Apesin of Ijebuland deserves a special day of recognition for his selflessness to Nigerians and indeed Nigeria as a country.

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