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Orente My Best Song Yet, Says Adekunle Gold



Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold has revealed that ‘Orente’ remains his best song yet.

The singer revealed during an interview that while he has released several hits, the song remains one which makes him emotional the most.

“I have done several love songs including ‘Sade’ which is based on a real-life experience. However, ‘Orente’ is the song which I am most attached to. I can sing ‘Orente’ on the stage for an hour, when I sing it, it makes me feel happy.”

Comparing it to ‘Sade’ his 2014 hit song, Adekunle Gold stated that the later was based on a real-life experience confirming years of speculations that the hit was inspired by his relationship.

“The song ‘Sade’ was inspired by a relationship I was once in. She is aware that the song was inspired by her. When it was initially released, several of her friends asked her if she had heard a song done with her name, but she didn’t tell them that it was about her,” he said, adding that ‘Orente’ was influenced by the negative comments being attributed to women and the need to appreciate the opposite sex.



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