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Only Powerful Coalition Can Remove Buhari In 2023 – Primate Ayodele



Primate Ayodele

-Nigeria Needs To Pray Against Another Recession

 Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele is the founder of INRI Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos State. A renowned prophet known for his annual prophesy which has become widely accepted, the man of God spoke with Lukmon Akintola and Adaobi John on the state of the nation, the 2023 election, the future of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in this interview.

In 2019, you released prophesies for the year, how would you evaluate them?

Our prophesies came to pass. For instance, we prophesied about the removal of the Federal Inland Revenue Service boss, Tunde Fowler. We also did about the problems in Zimbabwe, the incident in Venezuela and the elections of Kogi and Bayelsa States. These were things that God showed us and we prophesied about. We also said that there will be crisis among the members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which must be resolved before it is too late because the All Progressive Congress (APC), will make a lot of efforts and also look for ways to win the election in Bayelsa State. We said that the PDP must put their house in order if they want to win. APC will employ and meet different moves to destroy the activities of the PDP government in Bayelsa State. If the APC adopts a new strategy and does the needful, it will capture the state. APC will want to use a technicality to win by all means possible. PDP should be firm and do what is right. These were published on page 42 of our book, ‘Warning To The Nations 2019.’ We also prophesied about the crisis in Lebanon and the change in government. All of these and more came to pass.

You have maintained that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is not people-friendly, has your prophecy changed in 2020?

The government of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has disappointed Nigerians.

Will the situation get any better?

Again, what I will say is that under the APC government, the economy will not be what we expect. The country is going through hard times. Let us pray against another recession and inflation.

2023 will witness a change in government, will President Muhammadu Buhari step down at the end of his tenure?

 In 2023, a powerful coalition is the only thing that can remove the president and the APC government. APC will crack, I can see it. Also, there is going to be an amendment of the constitution. Nevertheless, I am seeing that our National Assembly will not be able to do what is needed.

Can you make a categorical statement on the supposed third term agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari?

There is nothing like a third term agenda. That can never see the light of the day. It is dead on arrival. Anybody promoting this is just wasting his time.

Senator Bola Tinubu has been rumoured to have a presidential ambition in 2023, what has God shown you?

The truth remains the same. The cabals will work against Tinubu’s ambition. I foresee that the 2023 election will pose serious tension, as the north will want to continue to be in power. They will do anything to ensure they remain in power. The Yoruba people clamouring to become the next president of the country should seek the face of God before they embark on any journey. The Igbo will not be recognised in 2023. The 2023 election will be tough and challenging. The geo-political zones who have sold their right are still going to regret it because anybody that talks or opposes what the government is doing will face so many threats and will be eventually arrested.

Let’s talk party politics, what does the future hold for PDP?

PDP will be divided, likewise APC.

Will the chairmen of the parties remain on their seats before the 2023 election?

I am not seeing them on any seat, which is what I said before. I am seeing a new chairman in APC and also in PDP.

You have continuously talked about the division in the various parties, are we ever going to see the change we desire?

Our democracy is threatened because I am not seeing the real democracy. If we are still using money to run politics, there is no way that rigging will stop. So, that is just it. Democracy will cause a lot of problems and will break Nigeria. I foresee future referendum coming.


There is no doubt that the country needs prayers, where should they be directed to?

Let us pray against this terrorist issue again, I am seeing another kind of terrorist group that is coming up. Some state governors will face challenges because they will not perform well. We have to pray against sicknesses and diseases. Our health sector will also be nothing to write home about. Also, journalists in Nigeria need prayers because the government will be running after them. We need to pray. I see the death of a pastor. I see the government rising against churches; I am not seeing anything serious or fantastic. I foresee the South-West will start producing food. Let us pray for success on this to make it work as planned. I foresee that border closure will help the country grow in terms of Agriculture. People will want to sabotage the economy. There will be economic troubles in the country. The government should look into the economy. It should be taken seriously to give the country an everlasting solution. There will be unsettlement in the country in the year 2020. So many things will come up against this government. The standard of living will be high and it will affect the common man even the rich. There will still be inflation and hunger in the country.

Can you mention the states that will face challenges?

States like Lagos State, Kaduna State, Adamawa State, Niger State, and so many other states. For instance, the Ondo State governor, he has begun to face some challenges.

Earlier you spoke briefly about the economy, can you be more detailed, what has God shown you?

I have not seen anything serious about our economy. I have not seen improvement as expected, even our Agricultural sector. Farmers will be assisted and encouraged by borrowing them money, but the money will not be accounted for. The government will distribute fertilizers to the farmers to enhance their farm crops and fake fertilizers will be given also. The local manufacturer will make various efforts to promote all our local goods. The country will pump more money into Agriculture to make the people and the country happy. The government will not be able to push the Agriculture so well. The government should work on Agriculture well. Nigeria is one of the best countries in the world, but we have bad leaders. We don’t have a considerate government, what we have is a government that is not fair to the people, and a government that does not care about the well-being of the society. The common food that we buy will witness an increase in price. I am talking of things like bread, and ‘pure water.’ Factories will also go on strike. So, if the government has done it right, we won’t be seeing all of these. And then the N30000 minimum wage they are talking about, they are just deceiving the workers because some governors will not be able to pay. The country will face serious economic challenges. The government will do a lot to improve the country but will still be faced with counter challenges. The 2020 budget will not drive the need of the people.

Will the political tension in the country get any better?

Political tension will rise. There will be issues and clashes between Yoruba and Hausa, Ibo and Hausa. I foresee protests and counter-protest against the government. Let the country pray against confusion. Nigeria will face a lot of challenges as they will embark on certain steps to normalise and checkmate its security challenges. Despite all of this, there will still be security challenges in major parts of the country. Nigeria is still sitting on a time bomb that may explode. The country should pray for peace and unity. I foresee a new flag in the world i.e. another country will emerge. Some countries will come out of another country. Let us pray to rebuke the death of a present and former minister, former governor, and former president in Nigeria. There will be some threat from Boko Haram as they will come in various dimensions to threaten Nigeria’s security. I foresee soldiers being killed and attacked. Moreover, there will be several killings of Boko Haram in March, April, and May. Boko Haram will come out for retaliation. I foresee some personalities being kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect even as I foresee them being caught in the process of trying to spread their tentacles and there will be different ways of kidnapping. There will be several security challenges from the Boko Haram sect even as they are still going to attack a military base between March and June; so the security personnel should watch and be vigilant. Members of the Boko Haram will be arrested. The amnesty on Boko Haram will cause major problems.

Hate Speech is one word which has been thrown around a lot in recent times, is there anything like that?

There is nothing like hate speech.

The battle between Governor Godwin Obaseki and Adams Oshiomole rages on, who will win?

Whatever Adams Oshiomhole does to fight Obaseki, he will fail and Obaseki will still retain the seat as the governor of Edo State.

Will Governor Akeredolu win his second term election?

Akeredolu will face challenges in his bid for a second term. They will fight him, but APC will still succeed and will still retain Ondo State because PDP does not have any seat there.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), has not witnessed any major achievement in recent time, what is happening?

The leadership of the NFF should be changed. The point is this, the NFF has the wrong people as their leader. You know what, our problems are numerous. We are putting wrong people in positions, people who are not capable of delivering. We don’t have their dossier, we just say because he is this and that, we just give them the office to occupy. There are some certain places where we don’t need to do all of that. It is very important to note that there will be a lot of crisis in NFF.

We have notable pastors in this country that support the government, are they not saying the right prayers?

The right people are not being called to pray for the country. The prayers for the country are being said by people who do not see anything wrong about the government, whether they are doing it right or not, all you say is that it is well. Yes, the government is doing right; yes the government is doing well. That is all you ever hear. APC and PDP have disappointed Nigerians.

Let us go international, Donald Trump appears to be getting more controversial, has God shown you that he will complete his first term in office?

I still stand by my prophecy that Donald Trump will not leave the office until the end of his term. Trump’s impeachment will not be realistic. Trump will make efforts to have a second term but it will be difficult. He will look for all means to win. The American election will be tough. If the Democrats want to win the next election, they have to pick Joe Biden as their presidential candidate. They should work on places like Ohio, Florida, Maldives, and Pennsville because Trump will not be so easy to unseat, but he will find every means to have a second term. Joe Biden will be the best candidate to unseat Trump. Democrats must work well to bring the Republican Party down in the coming election. The Democrats must also re-strategise and work as a team; then seek God’s direction. America will be attacked like that of September 11, but when exactly I don’t know. I see killings in schools, shooting of policemen, fire outbreak, flood and an emergency in the country that may want to disrupt the power supply. The US should be careful in 10 years as the country may fall. There will be heat and attack in the United Kingdom. The country will experience climate changes and disasters. The UK will witness ups and downs even as the employment rate will be poor. The country will witness an attack and fire outbreak. There will be an attempt on the Prime Minister. The UK will lose a prominent person. The British economy will be unhealthy.

Generally, what else should we anticipate in 2020?

There will be a divide among Fuji musicians, even in PMAN. Let us pray not to lose anyone in the entertainment industry. PMAN will have a crisis and let us pray against the death of a former PMAN president. Let us pray not to lose any hip hop artist. The comedians should pray for protection against sickness. Malaika should be careful with his band boys in order not to witness betrayal or loss of a major show. Pasuma should be prayerful not to experience an unexpected situation that will cause him to lose money or international recognition. Osupa should pray not to run into debt or lose any of his band boys. He should also pray against trouble that could lead to a court matter. Nolllywood stars should pray to rebuke sickness.



There is no doubt that you are one of the most accurate prophets in Nigeria, how would you rate yourself?

It is not my place to rate myself. I am only a servant of God, and I say what he reveals to me. However, in Nigeria today, our prophecy stands and those who recognise it, recognise it. I remain a prophet in this country and anywhere in this world. If you are counting prophets that are respected so much, I will be within one to five.

Misinterpretation is synonymous with prophecies, how do you explain this?

A lot of people sometimes misinterpret messages. The fact is that you can’t interpret the message of God as you would interpret a book.

Can you explain further?

Writing spiritual messages is for gifted people, it is not for all who can write properly. The way you write political news is different from the way you write prophecies.

Tell us about the prophets that you respect in Nigeria?

I respect Prophet Olabayo most because he is the number one prophet in this country, even though he is incapacitated. Other prophets write prophecy on papers and read them one after the other, saying see what the Lord says, or this is what the Lord will do. I don’t believe in all that.


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