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Oluwo Beat Me, Cheated On Me, Used Juju To Threaten Me, Says Ex-Wife Chanel Chin



Oba Akanbi


Chanel Chin, the former wife of the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has been revealing the painful experiences that she went through as his Olori.

In a recent interview, Chin revealed shocking details of how she was meant to pulp by the man she called her husband and the father of her son.


How My Parent Reacted To Olowu Beating Me

It has been a big disgrace for my parent, especially my mum. There were times I would call her crying, telling her that this man had just beaten me. It reached a point where I stopped telling my mum things because she was so far away. At that point, all I had was me, my son and God.

Oluwo’s Many Lies:

My mum and Kabiyesi are age mate, my dad and Kabiyesi are age mates. He never saw me as his wife, he wanted to destroy me. When he put a statement out that we were no longer together and people should not respect me based on the office I used to occupy with him, my parent we’re so disappointed because they knew how much I suffered with him.

Oluwo Extending A Hand To His Inlaws:

My parent didn’t enjoy anything from him, not a dime.

Oluwo did not even my dowry. It was when we were in Canada in November that he gave me 300 Canadian Dollars to send to my parent in Jamaica.
My father was in a car accident in 2009 that left him cripple, he can’t walk without a worker. The doctors told him that he would never walk again and they trusted this man.

How Oluwo Used Me:

He used me, I didn’t cheat on him, I stood by him and this is how he paid me.

More Lies:
The tape he has been playing around Lagos saying that he caught me was of me and a male friend texting, it wasn’t like he caught me with a man on top of me.
The Rituals:
The day we left the palace, he told me that I don’t even have any luck, I don’t even have any star, my luck is finished. I have used it all.

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