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Ogun State: Too Big A Shoe For Dapo Abiodun?




With the successes recorded by Hyden Oil, nobody expected administration to be a challenge for Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun.

A proven and decorated businessman, he was supposed to hit the ground running and mesmerize the people of the state just as the magician Harry Houdini would.

But that is not the reality staring citizens of Ogun State in the face, as Abiodun appears to be trying to find his footing as far as the politics of Ogun State is concerned.

Yet to name his cabinet, there have been questions regarding when he would send the list of commissioner-nominees to the House of Assembly, having requested for a deferment on their appointment, opting to appoint senior special advisers and special advisers.

With the private sector known to be very different from the public sector, justifiably, there have been those who have asked if the pain of the shoe he is wearing is becoming unbearable.

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