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Peter Obi

By Dr Ope Banwo

I have recently noticed many Obidient groups are disappointed and upset that Labour Party and Peter Obi or his Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) are not providing campaign materials for them.


Yet I must ask, at the risk of being dragged by my ever combative OBidients that I love so much, is it really fair for OBidients who started their groups WITHOUT permission from LP or Peter Obi to expect LP or PO to provide materials for them?

Dr Ope Banwo with Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi

I have said it for months that we are just SUPPORT Groups for @peterobi and NOT his Campaign Organisation and that when the time comes it will be up to him to take the lead in his own campaign by harnessing the groups formed to support him or not. Its natural for LP to have their own modus for their own campaign and we can’t grudge them.

Afterall, won’t we be surprised if someone asked us to pay for what we didn’t order even if they are doing it for our own benefit?

Do not misunderstand me: We should take the materials or even logistics money if they offered it to campaign for them but we cannot have any sense of entitlement or get discouraged if they should to go in other directions. It should not affect our commitment to support Peter Obi with the little we can put in (in sweat, money and resources ) to get him elected if indeed we believe he is the best candidate out there, and are doing it with open minds for Nigeria and not with secret agendas.

So, I think it’s unfair to expect Peter Obi or LP or his PCC to provide campaign materials for Obidient Support groups that formed themselves spontaneously months ago without direction from them. It’s a tough pill. I know, but we must swallow it and keep moving!

We must deal with the reality that Peter Obi or his PCC or Labor Party cannot provide for 1,000s of support groups they didn’t form. They have a choice to harness us or not for their full campaign.

If we want to campaign on our own without getting direct mandate from Peter Obi or LP, then we must self fund and manage our own Obidient Campaign Organisation! Are we ready?

It’s clear we can’t compete with Asiwjau and APC OR Atiku and PDP by following their game perennial plan of providing materials and cash support and stomach infrastructure for people, so we must ZAG even as they keep ZIGGING in their own old strategy.

OBIdients can drag me till all my body is bloody but I will keep calling it strategically as I deem fit since I want nothing but a better nigeria: Let’s stop whining about @PeterObi’s PCC or @NgLabour and their lack of attention to us.

We rocked without them before and we must continue to rock without them if we are really doing this for Nigeria. I could care less if Peter Obi or labor recognized me at all . It’s not about them for me. It’s about MY choice.

So, let’s stop complaining and Keep moving! Let’s Keep our eyes on the ball: The Fight for a new nigeria and to CHANGE the way things are done. Win or lose!

To be effective, OBIdients must be nimble and FOCUSED ON A SIMPLE KISS STRATEGY that will cost us very little:

I will say it again: OBIdients are NOT politicians. It takes billions to run even a no-shishi campaign. Atiku and Asiwaju can spend in a single day what we can spend in 6 months so we can’t fight them on this ‘no campaign materials’ whining . Those guys will bring in boat loads of caps and tshirts and distribute them free!

Our strength and a in our passion and our convictions . Not in tshirts to caps or campaign materials but in showing up and fighting for what we believe in

So, Lets drop the ‘no campaign materials’ drama. Let’s use KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) to rock for @Peter Obi or our choices:

-Form Small Cell groups✅ (zero cost)
-Meet and Bond Weekly✅ (zero cost)
-Get your PVC✅ (zero cost)
-Show up with your small cell group on February 28, Vote your conscience and Defend your vote ✅ (zero cost)

How hard is that unless you are not serious about this shit!

Dr. Ope Banwo is an Attorney, Internet Business Expert, Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and many more.


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