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Obasanjo; Kessington Scions Unite In Matrimony




The duo of former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo and billionairebusiness man, Adebutu Kessington are set to become in-laws.

This is because Obasanjo’s son Adejanwo will soon tie the nuptial knot with oneof the daughters of Kessington in person of Tolulope.

An introduction which held recently saw the intending couple unveiling theirwedding desires in front of their families.


Although no date has been formally declared for what is already being tagged amother of all parties, speculations about the nature of the party has alreadytaken over the social sphere.

Kessington, a man of wealth and immense influence is known for his signatureparties, while the Obasanjos are also no pushovers when it comes to makingstatements with powerful attendees.

When the wedding does hold, it is bound to attract choice guests and notablefaces both in the political and social circles.

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