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No Regrets Ending My Marriage, Israel DMW’s Wife Says



Israel DMV

Israel Afeare’s ex-wife, Sheila Courage, has said that she doesn’t regret leaving their marriage.

She stated this during a question-and-answer session with her friend, Ginika.

During the session, Sheila added that she never told her ex who is Davido logistics manager and popular as Israel DMW to stop working with the singer.

According to her, she only made suggestions but never advised him against working for the singer. She said she was the one behind the camera sometimes making videos. Sheila said there were good times in their marriage and that it was not completely negative.

‘’I did not criticise his relationship. I made suggestions as a wife but there was never a point where I said ‘No don’t do this, why are you doing this?’In fact, I was behind the scenes most of the time taking pictures and doing videos because I saw him doing this and it’s fine, I just had other personal stuff that I raised with him but I never at any point said stop working for him. I never ever did that.”

On whether she regrets her decision to end their marriage, Sheila said;

‘’A lot has happened. I do not regret any decision I have taken because it was all bound to happen. I believe God is in charge of all that happens in our lives whether you see it positively or negatively, there is a master planner behind the whole thing but I have had my moments of sadness especially the way my friend and parents were dragged into it”

It would be recalled that the couple got married in October 2022, however, the marriage crashed in September 2023.

Israel came out publicly to announce the end of their marriage as well as made some allegations against Sheila and her parents. While speaking her truth during the heat of the moment, Sheila said she had advised Israel to venture into other businesses as he cannot be under his boss forever, but he refused to heed her advice. She also said that other things began to drive a wedge between them.

On several occasions, Israel has called out Sheila’s friend, Ginika for being a bad influence by accommodating her after she left his house.



Ginika who was part of the Q and A session, denied having any knowledge of Sheila and Isreal’s marital crisis. She said like everyone else, she got to know of their marital crisis on social media. She said she however regrets accommodating a married woman who was having marital issues instead of sending her to her parents.

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