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No Part Of Nigeria Has Power To Form An Independent Government – Ganduje




Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, has stated that no part of the country has the power to form its own independent government.

Ganduje stated this while adding that the constitution does not recognise the word secession.


The governor stated this in a speech he gave at a public lecture in Abuja on Thursday, August 5.

According to him, the word ‘secede’ does not appear in the Constitution as it is clearly stated in Article 2 of the constitution that Nigeria is one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign state to be known by the name of the ‘Federal Republic of Nigeria.’

Ganduje called for discussions to tackle challenges facing the country as it is too late for secession.

He said;


“We are too fused, in fact too entropic together to be divided at this time. Let’s repair our broken walls instead and move on.

“Let’s debate restructuring, not secession or self-determination. It is too late in the day. Let the labour of our heroes past not be in vain! Let’s hail, not hate Nigeria at this time.

“Let me repeat here that Nigeria is a united and indivisible country. Our constitution has taken care of that. I don’t see secession as the way out of the current challenges afflicting the nation.

“Instead, advocates of secession should have a change of heart and I recommend dialogue as a crucial option for addressing their problems.

“Besides, there is a National Assembly where some of the grievances can be addressed. Because dialogue is a far better alternative that costs less than consequences of the wedge that has been erected to frustrate more flow of conversations between the government and citizens to arrive at a national consensus.

“Under the Nigerian Constitution, no part of Nigeria has the power to form its own independent government or secede from the country. In fact, the word ‘secede’ does not appear in the Constitution.

“The nearest answer to this is found in Article 2 of the constitution, which states that Nigeria is one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign state to be known by the name of the ‘Federal Republic of Nigeria.’

“This means the only way to legally grant such an option is through an amendment to the law. Agitators would be required to follow established guidelines, while protecting the sovereignty of the nation-state.

“And the sooner we face issues such as the huge infrastructure deficit, our shrinking oil revenue, looming food insecurity as a consequence of insecurity in our agriculture zones, the better.

“Seriously, we need to focus on diversification of the economy, out-of-school children shame, rebuilding of our tertiary institutions to boost knowledge development for 21st century challenges and other sustainable goals for this great country – instead of applying energies on self-determination agitation that will only diminish us as a people.”

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