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Nigeria’s Resolve To Remain An Indivisible Entity Is Unshakable-Lai Mohammed




Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has stated that  Nigerians have a resolve to remain as one indivisible entity.

According to him, the resolve of the citizens of the country is unshakable despite the various challenges facing the nation.

The Minister made the remark today Monday, September 20, in Abuja at the opening of Nigeria at 60 Photo Exhibition with the theme “60 Years of Our Togetherness.”

Speaking at the event, Mohammed said:

“The theme of the photo exhibition has been carefully couched to reflect on the unity of this great country in the past 60 years, despite its diverse cultures, traditions, practices, languages and challenges.

“Like other countries in the world, it is an incontrovertible fact that Nigeria, over the years, has gone through challenging times, but we must not miss the fact that its resolve to remain as one indivisible entity has remained unshaken,” he said.


Mohammed said the ministry is using the opportunity provided by the Independence anniversary celebration to organize a photo exhibition that will deliver information and educate Nigerians, especially the youth, who need a re-awakening voyage into the historical and unique heritage of the country and the secrets behind its unity in diversity.

“This photo exhibition, therefore, is organised to serve as a poignant reminder of significant events in the annals of this great country and how they have shaped the country, ensured peaceful coexistence, patriotism and determination, culminating in our greatness and development.

“For those who did not witness Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, particularly the students, they can at least look at the photos of pre-independent Nigeria; the independence proper; post-independence era; leaders who fought for our independence and have an idea of the struggle for freedom from colonialism and a mental picture of how the situation was then, which gives hope that whatever challenges we may be facing even at this time, we will surmount them and have a strong, united, peaceful and prosperous country,” he said.


The minister said the exhibition captures six decades of Nigeria’s independence; footprints of Nigeria’s political leaders and 60 years of the labor of the heroes past in ensuring the country’s unity and peace.


He disclosed that the exhibition tells Nigeria’s 60-year story in pictorial form, delivering a photographic presentation of Nigeria’s icons, programs for national integration, such as the National Youth Service Corps program, photos of intertribal marriages, creation of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja; popular artists, both old and new, as well as the collective achievements in the area of sports, which had been a strong, unifying force for the country.


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