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NCC Suspends COSON’s Operating Licence



Tony Okoroji

The end of Tony Okoroji’s reign as the boss of the Copy Right Society of Nigeria (COSON), might just be near.

 After several calls by well meaning Nigerians to the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), to man up to its responsibilities, the agency seems to have heeded the calls.

The government agency empowered by law to oversee the affairs of COSON and other agencies under the parastatal has now suspended the operating license of COSON.

With the suspension, COSON will stop collecting royalties on-behalf of and for musicians and other performing artists in Nigeria.

This comes after the seeming unending crisis between COSON’s Chairman Tony Okoroji and Efe Omorogbe.


COSON in its response to the NCC Directive swiftly filed a new process at the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division challenging the content of the letters from the Nigerian Copyright Commission suspending the copyright licensing activities of the society.


In a letter dated May 3, 2018 to the NCC Director-General, Mr. Afam Ezekude, the COSON lawyers stated that the development at the Court of Appeal lawfully apprehends the NCC directives suspending the licence of COSCON to operate as a royalty collecting organization.

Prior to now, COSON, had been hit by several criticisms, and the arrest of Efe Omorogbe seems the last straw.

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